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Paranormal Psychic Gifts Clairvoyance Genie






Paranormal Psychic Gifts Clairvoyance Genie - Vintage Ring Vessel - Size 6.5



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This ancient Psychic Clairvoyant ring allows its wearer to see and be 10 steps ahead of any sentient and non-sentient being. Days of deception will be long gone to the owner of such a rare and exclusive vessel, as the ability to see through lies and deceit with heightened clairvoyant abilities becomes commonplace. This is not a genie but a Triple Cast psychic development ring with powers beyond anything imaginable in the practical world of psychic intuition and seeing into the future. These rings have been worn by lawyers, salespeople, tarot card readers and mediums to name but a few, as well as others wishing to gain an advantage over their competitors in the business or personal fields. For those who questioned their intuition previously towards its accuracy, this will leave you feeling sure of what messages are being given, as the ring makes clear anything found once unsure. If you are ready to transform your beliefs, thoughts and assumptions, this very powerful vessel may be the piece for you.

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Paranormal Psychic Gifts Clairvoyance Genie

Paranormal Psychic Gifts Clairvoyance Genie - Vintage Ring Vessel - Size 6.5

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