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Seraphim Angel Genie - Ring Vessel






Seraphim Angel Genie - Ring Vessel - Size 7



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Angel of Protection Enlightenment Light pendant. This beautiful pendant is binded with a powerful Seraphim Angel. These WHITE LIGHT angels manifest energy simply through pure thought. They possess the deepest knowledge, their vibration is of a higher form. They want to share this knowledge with you through dream state although he may come in a waking state, all you must do is be ready to receive with an open mind and soul. Angels are celestial beings said to surround the throne of God - these beings can also raise human vibrations to a higher state. They sing the music and maybe heard as soft voices and regulating the movement of the Heavens. Keep negative energy away from you by surrounding you in pure light and its continued existence by creating and carrying positive energy. These beings shine so brilliantly with light that you will never see them but you can experience their love and guidance through dreams and with waking state. Call on the Seraphim Powers when you are in trouble. They will help you to see through situations and problems. They will defend your home, your family, your property when you call upon them and offer pure protection when needed in all areas. They will send messages through many means. Through the power of our sixth sense, gut feelings, dreams, and in waking state even with visions. 

You will experience;

  • Clarity
  • Enlightenment
  • Transformation
  • Protection
  • Pure White Light
  • Communication with  the Divine One

Gain knowledge of your path and ways to bring money, be protected, loved and yes your wishes will come true.

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