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Watcher Genie - Ring Vessel (Crystal not included)






Female Watcher Genie - Ring Vessel - Size 6.5



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The Watcher has been mentioned many times in the Bible, because since the beginning of mankind they have been in existence. The have helped, guided and taught mankind with their intense powers. People have confused these entities with genies but they are completely different spirits. They are rare, have incredible wish granting capabilities, and bestow magnificent treasures upon their keeper’s life. They serve to guide, teach and protect their master in their life’s path. Their powers parallel that of King Solomon with psychic ability, third eye opening, telekinesis and opening the door to many more magical talents. The owner of a Watcher has a path before them that will be cleared from all pain and angst; with wishes come true beyond their wildest dreams or expectations. From the dawn of time he is known as a gentle and protective spirit who was sent from the Heavens to oversee and intervene the harm in this world. Any person who has access to the amazing powers of this incredible being; will be assured a life of protection and happiness.

If you truly understand the responsibility it takes to own such a piece then perhaps this item is right for you. If she calls or draws you to her she has chosen you as her keeper then answer for she awaits.

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