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White Dragon Genie






White Dragon Genie - Wealth Generating Vintage Ring Vessel - Size 7



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Within this ring is a spirit creature with insatiable greed - a powerful lust for riches like no other. His love of money and treasure knows no bounds, as he is always in constant search for more, and will go to any lengths to obtain it no matter how much he may already have. Acquiring and guarding a massive mound of wealth... this is the nature of this mighty White Dragon Spirit. What I offer in this talisman is one of the oldest, wealthiest and wisest of all White Dragon Beings. He has knowledge of the Knights Templar treasure. He is a true master at locating various forms of riches, money, treasure, ancient artifacts, etc. His financial skills of coercion and location are so incredibly honed that no modern-day treasure hunter, banker or stock broker could possibly compare.  This is a trait of all Dragons, but this powerful spirit creature takes it to a completely different level. A must have for any collection.

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