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White Spirit Genie - Ring Vessel - Size 5.5






White Spirit Genie - Ring Vessel - Size 5.5



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Before you today is a white spirit so powerful he has come forth to bring wonderful blessings into the keeper life. This spirit was conjured by the mighty summoner of our world renowned UK supplier - he who hold the vessel holds the heart of great things for this spirit is a Marid Genie. He is a wish granter and been known to heal the spirit of many and brought lost souls to light. He brings the ability to draw money to the owner once bond this genie can do anything the keeper needs done. Money will you find you, business opportunities will be presented to you. Your dreams will manifest before your eyes. What you want will appear into your life. He is a protector not only to you but to your family and friends. He is safe for all who live in the house hold; pets and children are safe with him and holds with true love for them too. This vessel is also, as you wear the ring you may experience a feeling of warmth or even a tingling - it’s his way to let you know he is with you. There is a Latin saying that will activate the powers or unleash your wish to be fulfilled he is a high elder spirit he can fulfill your mind with ideas on improvement of one’s life style can you feel the power. As one closes one’s eyes you think on the vessel you may feel see or know that he has called forth. He appears as a majestic man 6 foot tall long hair of jet black he is muscle bound and dresses as a warrior dark soulful eyes. And he longs for a keeper one he can bring change their life. For he only desires, to help those in need.

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