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Meditation Music CD Kit


Meditation Music CD Kit

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A treat for two senses, "Meditation Music" CD contains 76 minutes of contemplative music, beginning with music from the 10th century and progressing through to the 19th. The lavish pack also contains a tub of fragrant "Meditation Balm" blended from 12 ancient oils, and a generous supply of delicate incense. Experiencing the music while engaging the olfactory system with fragrances associated for centuries with contemplation heightens enjoyment and deepens musical appreciation.

The Meditation CD has been recorded entirely in naturally atmospheric venues such as churches, cathedrals, palaces and ancient castles, often at midnight for ambient sound conditions. No obtrusive recording systems have been used. In most cases a single source sound system based on a stereo microphone has been employed using no mixers at all. As a result. the music on this CD possesses an extraordinarily authentic quality that suits the person who seeks a sophisticated musical experience. Embark on a wholly satisfying journey into the world of meditation music: from celestial liturgical to outer-worldly secular sounds.

This is an all time favourite. Over 80,000 copies sold worldwide!

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