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Sounds of Global Harmony CD Set






Sounds of Global Harmony CD Set

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by The Dalai Lama's Gyuto Monks of Tibet

The sounds of global harmony CD set is a unique collaboration
of the Gyuto Monks with Sarah Hopkins, Anne Norman and Chris Neville.

In the spirit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's teachings that no one person, generation, religion or country has a mandate on the best means for achieving happiness, this collaboration brings together a group of people who, each in their own way, aim to honour and uplift our essential human spirit.

"Whether it is through the transformative ancient power of the monks' chanting or the inspired sounds emanating from Australian musicians, Sarah Hopkins, Anne Norman and Chris Neville, the impact on the listener evokes a similar sense of eternal peace.

This CD set includes;

  • a sixteen page booklet of information about each track, the musicians and the Gyuto monks.
  • tara healing incense

Note: $5.00 per CD goes to the Gyuto monks of Tibet, to assist in raising money to build a new monastery in Dharamsala, India

A joint collaboration between the Gyuto monks and ....

Sarah Hopkin (cello)

Sarah Hopkin (cello)

Anne Norman (shakuhachi)

Anne Norman (shakuhachi)

Chris Neville (didgeridoo)

Chris Neville (didgeridoo)

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Sounds of Global Harmony CD Set

Sounds of Global Harmony CD Set

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