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Quan Yin Resin Statue






Quan Yin Resin Statue

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Quan Yin (AKA Kwan Yin or Kuan Yin), the goddess of compassion, is one of the most popular deities in all of the Asian countries. Statues of Quan Yin are often on display in homes, as well as temples in the region, as the statues are said to disperse negative energies, especially after disruption or quarrels have occurred.

Quan Yin is said to be a Boddhisattva (also spelled bodhisattva), a person who has reached self realization, and earned the right to enter Nirvana. Instead of entering Nirvana, Quan Yin is said to have remained on Earth, to help others reach self-realization. Quan Yin is particularly useful for those relying on the elements, such as farmers and fishermen.

The Quan Yin statue pictured is made from a resin material, measures 9.5cm in height and weighs 185g.
"This Quan Yin Resin Statue gives me bliss and an inner peace. I sense a presence of calm in my living atmosphere. When my subconscious interacts with Quan Yin, I have an inner voice confirm that my future is to be promising, with many wishes coming true.

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Quan Yin Resin Statue

Quan Yin Resin Statue

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