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Quan Yin Schumann Energy Generator


Quan Yin Schumann Energy Generator

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Schumann Generators are really modernised Orgone Creator Devices which have been partially modified to increase their energies. All generators are made from a unique substance called Orgonium (not to be confused with substances used by other manufacturers which are known to create bi-polar magnetic fields which are dangerous to human health, and have absolutely no beneficial effect on earth grids broadcasting negative polarity or Electromagnetic Radiation). 

Each of the Schumann generators have an EMR neutralizing effect (depending on how it is applied) and a harmonizing effect of approx 9 metres radius when placed on a Benker grid line.

If you are familiar with geomancy techniques, it is well worth you dowsing the pictures of each of the generators, and then comparing with competitor products. Many people often report the Schumann generators as being far more powerful. If you are not familiar with geomancy techniques, we recommend that you use an Orgone Geoclense device which does not require positioning in the home.

Schumann generators contain highly energetic materials to broadcast a harmonization field of around nine (9) metres in radius. All of the Schumann Generators are infused with the seven (7) Schumann frequencies which are in harmony with the bodies chakra system, and are also infused with the “Solfeggio Frequencies” which were once used by Monks to attain Spiritual clarity. Of the “Solfeggio Frequencies”, 528Hz has been infused which is well known for its DNA repairing abilities. The Solfeggio Frequencies consist of 6 notes of the original musical scale used in ancient Gregorian chants. The musical note "C" was originally 528Hz but is now accepted in modern music as being 512Hz losing the ancient healing properties that it once had. As an aside, the other 5 Solfeggio Frequencies with differing spiritual healing abilities are 396Hz, 417Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, and 852Hz.

The Schumann Generators are perfect for that place in the house where energetic vibrations need to be raised.

Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
Ivory 3.5x2.1x2.1 / 8.9x5.3x5.3 5.0 / 141

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Question When I received my Schumann Energy Generator it came in a box marked "Anjian". I looked them up and found the ornament for a much cheaper price. Can you please explain?

We acquire the basic piece from Anjian and they send them to us in the boxes the same as you received. They are then passed to Orgone Effects Australia and they are then converted using advanced energetic methods to Schumann Energy Generators. It takes time and each one is tested after going through the process. They are then returned to us and they are sold by as as Schumann Generators. They work very well and I personally use one in my own home.