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5th Dimension Hyper Cube - Silver






5th Dimension Hyper Cube - Silver



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When we speak of hyperspace we are referring generally to the dimensional expression. So a Hyper cube is a 4th dimensional representation of a 3rd dimensional cube. The next up is the 5th.  Where a cube is 1 cube a hypercube is 8 cubes that share the same 3d space. The 5d is 40 cubes. 3D cube also geometrically represents earth element. The 4th or hypercube represents an extension of that earth element Exponentially increasing the grounding effect and your connection to earth – this form also protects the wearer from emfs emanating from Electric wires and cell phone. The 4th dimension is the interconnection of time and space – time and space are inseparable but in the 3rd dimension we perceive them as separate. Therefore the Hypercube is some times referred to as a time traveller's geometry giving you access to memories of ancient past and potential futures but dynamical roots you in the present where all time passes through its vortex – Just as the hypercube holds the energy of the cube but X’s 8 the 5d also holds the energy of the cube and the hypercube to 40.

On a consciousness level as you move into the experience of the 5th dimension one of the things you will notice is a deeper understanding of your connection to all there is. One word that we misunderstand is empathy. True Empathy is the experience that I am another you – when the phone rings and you know who it is, when a mother feels the pain her child just experienced many miles away these are 5d experiences. The 5d cube teaches you that you are the earth and all that live upon her. This increases your ability to communicate through understanding and to articulate your feelings by knowing a more universal language of experience. Naturally things like remote viewing are enhanced. This shape is the underlying geometry of manifestation and very much the same level as the 64 cell.
Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
Sterling Silver Silver Diameter: 1.96 / 5.0 Depth 0.7 / 1.8 0.4 / 12

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5th Dimension Hyper Cube - Silver

5th Dimension Hyper Cube - Silver

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