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Spiritual Energy Disc: Sense of Delight


Spiritual Energy Disc: Sense of Delight

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As is evident in the picture, this disc is both complex and intricate. If you are a first-time disc user I suggest that you choose one of our other discs that are a bit less complex. This disc is perfect for a happy person that wants to feel happier. For a joyful person that wants to feel a deeper level of joy. This disc takes your current high vibration emotions and makes them even higher. It’s a very powerful disc. You will immediately feel the energy. As you are feeling its energy, it is feeling your energy. This will create a connection that will not be broken. Each time you use this disc it will become more and more powerful. This is a great disc to gently place on your body while you are meditating, or even while napping. After a few uses you will be able to pick up the disc, hold it and get an immediate energy boost. If you’re happy – you’ll feel happier, and so forth. This disc should not be used to combat negative emotions. Design created by Lily A. Seidel.

Size: 3 inch diameter.

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