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The Explorer Spiritual Energy Disc






The Explorer Spiritual Energy Disc

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I have never felt such powerful energy emanating from a disc before. This disc encompasses everything. It is meant to be used while meditating. Use it to go deep within yourself. To your very core. It will help you to heal past trauma in this life as well as previous lives. This disc will guide you through the Universe. It will help you to see how everything is connected. It is a good disc for grounding. If you only ever purchase one spiritual energy disc I would advise purchasing this one.

Size: 3 inch diameter.

Question Would you know if the Explorer disc works as well as the Ultimate Manifestation disc? The description for the Explorer disc mentions it encompasses everything.

Yes, both discs work "as well" but they work with different intentions. Intuitively, I view the Explorer disc as being more centered around Spirituality whereas I view the Ultimate Manifestation Disc as being more for Law of Attraction. To me, the discs feel quite different energy wise. The Explorer disc has a softer, gentler energy that encourages exploration. The Ultimate Manifestation disc has a more masculine energy that is more about attaining outside goals. But a large part of it depends on you and how the energy of the individual disc resonates with you. It's quite possible that a person would find the Ultimate Manifestation disc to help them with meditation and other spiritual interests.

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