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An Introduction to COLOUR ENERGY Booklet






An Introduction to COLOUR ENERGY Booklet



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This 18 page booklet by Inger Naess gives you an overview of the why and how behind color therapy, including the theory behind it. She explains color therapy vibration. Color is really light split into different wave lengths which vibrate at different speeds and frequencies.

Colors are wave lengths of energy. Colors appear because an object will either reflect or absorb different wavelengths. A white object reflects all colors and absorbs none. Black objects absorb all colors and reflect none. A green object absorbs all colors except green.

Chakras are our body's energy centers. If these energy centers are out of balance, we may become ill or our emotions may be affected. Each color has a corresponding energy center and can be used to bring it back into balance.

In this booklet, Inger Naess discusses each color and its associations, area it may help and when to use it.

This booklet is written by lnger Naess, founder of Colour Energy, Norway. For several years, lnger studied, in depth, the history of colour and the effects of colour on people. An Introduction to Colour Energy discusses how each colour can affect you physically, mentally or emotionally. The booklet expresses the author's point of view on Colour Energy and colour therapy, and it is not intended to replace professional medical advice and care.

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An Introduction to COLOUR ENERGY Booklet

An Introduction to COLOUR ENERGY Booklet

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