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Chromotherapy Complete






Chromotherapy Complete



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For those seeking the complete picture and the biggest savings, we offer over 3 Kg of chromotherapy products, all bundled together into the one kit.

Includes the following;

  1. Chromotherapy Torch
  2. Advanced Color Discs
  3. Chromotherapy Light Box
  4. Chromotherapy Correspondence Course*
  5. Small Color Chart
  6. Large Color Wall Chart
  7. Color Therapy Information Decoder Wheel
  8. Baker-Miller Pink Color Therapy Glasses
  9. Color Therapy Glasses - Set of 9
  10. Photon Biolight Torch

Best Value ... Best Savings!

* The Chromotherapy Workbook is included with the Chromotherapy Correspondence Course as a printable eBook.

Many thanks - a great course!
Looking forwards to using Chromotherapy in my business.

I purchased Chromotherapy Complete a little over a month ago. The products are excellent and I am very satisfied with the quality, so thank you again and I will give you a feedback of 5 stars!!!!!

I am very happy with my recent purchase of Chromotherapy Complete. The package arrived very quickly and in good order and the contents are of excellent quality. I am pleased to be able to give it a 5 star rating and highly recommend it to anyone who is considering purchasing the package

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Chromotherapy Complete

Chromotherapy Complete

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