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Chromotherapy Torch Upgrade - Standard Color Discs






Standard Color Discs for the Chromotherapy Torch



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The chromotherapy torch standard color discs are designed as a replacement to the older more delicate thin plastic filters which were provided previously in all older versions of the chromotherapy torch. They are made out of a very hard durable Perspex plastic, with the colors being delicately fabricated for correct color wavelength alignment. You will no longer have to suffer problems with the older style discs coming apart, or getting stuck in your crystal tip! The new style of discs fit in all older style chromotherapy torches which were previously available through Natures Energies.

Each of the discs measures 17mm in diameter and are approx 3mm thick.

Question Why does the violet disc appear to look more like a shade of pink in color?

The colours are the specific tones required to balance the meridians and associated chakra. Whilst we may commonly know shades in various colours we opted for the ones that produce the best healing for each chakra / meridian/acu point.

Easy to use website and the order was dispatched very quickly. This item is as described and has been so useful.

I am very impressed with the quality of service from this company. I bought some lenses and I believed one was flawed. I spoke with the manager, whose name was Greg, and he resolved the issue very quickly and professionally. Highly ethical company and a pleasure to do business with.

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