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The Ultimate Blood Zapper

Rid yourself or viruses, parasites, bacteria, and fungi

The Blood ZapperIt has been estimated that the average adult male is unknowingly contaminated with up to 2 pounds of parasites in the blood and bodily organs. There is an association between parasites and disease that is being progressively discovered and confirmed in scientific and medical circles. Through removing the hidden parasites in our body, we clear the way for our own body's immune system to get to work and conquer disease. The Ultimate Blood Zapper safely and painlessly electrifies the blood using low voltage and specific frequencies to kill, and thereby eliminate parasites.
In addition to eliminating parasites, the Ultimate Blood Zapper eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi through application of certain frequencies while electrifying the blood. The frequencies literally explode viruses, bacteria and fungi much in the same way that an opera singer shatters a wine glasses through applying the correct sound at the correct volume. The frequencies are completely safe to all other components of the human body.

Dr Hulda ClarkHistory in Development of the Blood Zapper

In 1995 Dr. Hulda Clark Ph.D N.D. released a book describing her research and case studies made over the previous 10 years titled The Cure for all Diseases. In it, she claimed all human diseases were related to parasitic infection, and also claimed to be able to cure all diseases, including cancer and HIV/AIDS, by destroying parasites through zapping them with an electrical device which she designed assisted by her son. We were thus introduced to the words The Zapper, and to Blood Zapping.
According to her latest research, Dr Clark claimed that through zapping, we actually "wake up" our own white blood cells. The average human is normally subjected to numerous toxins from the foods we eat, the water we drink, pharmaceuticals and so on, which tends to have the effect of reducing the responsiveness of our white blood cells, causing them to "go to sleep" or to be anesthetized thereby opening us to disease. Dr Clark found that the current from the zapper tended to activate the white blood cells, and with the assistance of the electrical current frequency which effectively shatters parasites, bacteria and viruses, the white blood cells effectively become what Dr Clark termed super white blood cells giving us considerably improved immunity.

The Ultimate Blood Zapper can be used for Blood Electrification or Blood Zapping

The Ultimate Blood Zapper was invented in by Ken Presner in 1996, and his device was inspired by the work of Dr. Hulda Clark. Its 12-feature formula is unique in that it creates a power matched by no other zapper on the market today. The device developed by Ken helped him recover from two incurable diseases. He was paralyzed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1989, and he nearly died from Crohn's disease in 1994. In his book My Recovery Protocol he shows how he did not recover by accident, but through application of an early version of the Ultimate Blood Zapper.

uz24The World Health Organization says parasites cause so many illnesses and are actually the #1 health problem worldwide. Studies show everyone has 1 to 2 pounds of parasites. Dr. Robert Thiel's study shows zapping can kill parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus. Medical studies show zapping can kill cancer. But comparisons show most zappers are actually very limited. The Ultimate Blood Zapper's formula is superior to all single frequency, dual, digital, multiple and sweep zappers. This is corroborated by professional endorsements, close to 700 testimonials and numerous studies. An expert electronics engineer tested all major zappers. The Ultimate Blood Zapper easily beat all the others. It gives the best results and the fastest. After a Curezone study showed ParaZapper may give some results in 4 hours but the Ultimate Blood Zapper gives superior results in 1 hour. ParaZapper conceded The Ultimate Blood Zapper is the most powerful and effective of all zappers available today.
The Ultimate Blood Zapper produces Blood Electrification, patented for killing HIV, and Electroporation Therapy. Its healing power has helped thousands recover from cancer, HIV, malaria and a long list of ailments under 16 categories.
The Ultimate Blood Zapper is made in Canada with state-of-the-art components hard-wired for superior reliability in a 3.5" (9 cm.) x 2" (5 cm.) x 1" (2.5 cm.) rugged ABS box -- battery compartment included. Wires and clips are solid copper.

The Unique 12 Feature Formula of the Ultimate Blood Zapper

1. Near 100% Waveform Duty Cycle for Maximum Bodily Penetration
uz2uz1The Ultimate Blood Zapper's positive offset square wave reaches deeply into the body due to a near 100% duty cycle that is twice as long when compared with other zappers. People familiar with zappers would understand the importance of getting the wave to penetrate deeply into the body for maximum effectiveness.
2. Superior Signal with Point to Point Wiring
There are no printed circuit boards in the Ultimate Blood Zapper as circuit boards are often shown to lead to a low quality signal. The Ultimate Blood Zapper uses hard wiring which also minimizes the risk of failure. There has not been a single circuit failure in 18 years. Hard wiring is one of the secrets of The Ultimate Blood Zapper's success.

uz3uz13. Super Stabilized Wave
The Ultimate Blood Zapper's stabilized wave stays square under load with body contact. This creates far superior results along with its other 11 features.

4. Constant Stable Voltage
Most other zappers use a 9V battery to run the unit, but the Ultimate Blood Zapper uses an AC adaptor power supply that produces a constant 10.5V output, which is by the way the optimum voltage for cell detoxification. The early days of testing by Dr Hulda Clark showed that a minimum of 9V was needed to produce effective results in zapping pathogens. The problem with using a 9V battery is after some time even though it appears to be functioning, the output from the battery is diminished, and consequently the effectiveness of the zapper is diminished with many pathogens failing to become zapped.
uz4uz15. Distortion Free Square Wave
Battery discharge causes wave distortion that diminishes effectiveness. The Ultimate Blood Zapper's AC power adapter produces a constant 10.5 volts with a distortion-free wave and thereby undiminished effectiveness.

6. High Conductivity
The Ultimate Blood Zapper uses Neutrik gold-plated connectors which give a much higher conductivity when compared to zappers using wrist bands or nickel-plated clips.
7. Enhanced Penetration using Stainless Steel Footpads
The research of Dr. Hulda Clark said that footpads help greatly, by increasing penetration of the waveform into the body up to 77% more effectively. Footpads also allow for hands-free zapping as well as pet zapping.
8. Powerful Low FrequencyZapper Circuit Diagram
The Ultimate Blood Zapper kills pathogens through the synergy of the 12 feature formula, which includes the generation of a single low frequency of a 2500Hz square wave. The original research of Dr Hulda Clark has created some confusion, as her research work showed that each pathogen has a specific frequency to which it vibrates. Her idea was to diagnose the body using expensive equipment to determine the pathogens that were present, and then to generate the frequency specific to that pathogen using a frequency generator. It is a very complicated and time-consuming process to go through each individual frequency. Click herehere to at the long list of frequencies. Further studies have shown that it is not necessary to dial the specific frequency of an identified pathogen which could be somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000Hz; we can kill all pathogens by generating one frequency between 1000 and 30000Hz. The Ultimate Blood Zapper uses an optimal frequency of 2500Hz. The idea is that all pathogens are killed by this one frequency through the principal of resonance, making it a broad-spectrum pathogen killer.
9. Superior Harmonics
Harmonics are secondary frequencies which enhance the primary 2500Hz wave. Tests have revealed that the Ultimate Blood Zapper generates far more harmonics than any other zapper, thereby creating a more effective wave.
10. Blood Electrification and Alkalinizing
The Ultimate Blood Zapper does blood electrification that kills HIV (click herehere to read the scientific studies that prove this). The zapper will also alkalinize the blood increasing the pH to decrease risk of disease. Having the wrong diet, junk food and so on leads to an acidic blood which can result in dis-ease.
Electroporation11. Electroporation
Electroporation increases cell porosity temporarily, enhancing uptake of supplements, herbs, nutrients & medicine (dosages may reduce). Electroporation also oxygenates and thins the blood. Click here to read the Electroporation testimonials.

12. Aura Expansion
According to dowsers and kirlian photography, the Ultimate Blood Zapper will increase the size of your aura by up to 3 times, resulting in a better overall health and an ability for the body to heal itself more effectively.

Plus 2 Additional Features
  • Tooth Zapper:You can use the Ultimate Blood Zapper for oral hygiene. It can be used as a Tooth Zappicator, and the most effective tooth zappicator in the world. And it's free. Place one handhold on the outside of each cheek. Start with the upper jaw. Press the handholds lightly against your cheeks with your fingertips. Zap for one minute to begin with and work up slowly to your maximum level of comfort as per the same zapping instructions above. Then place the handholds on each cheek over the lower jaw and zap according to the same instructions. The Ultimate Blood Zapper's powerful Super Stabilized wave goes to work instantly to kill oral bacteria, parasites and tooth infections. You can zap in this way for 3 weeks, then take a break for a week and resume. If you rinse your mouth with salt water before tooth zappicating you will get even better results. An alternate way of using The Ultimate Blood Zapper for oral hygiene as well as for sinus infections is to put damp paper toweling in the ends of the handholds so that the toweling protrudes. Then put the end of the handholds against the cheek bones. Please note:People with silver amalgam fillings or other metals in their mouth should not place the handholds near their face.
  • Food Zapper: The footpads convert to the most effective Food Zappicator available. Food should be zapped for 5 minutes or more before cooking. Use a metal plate or bowl. Cover the top and bottom with a thin damp towel or paper toweling. Place the food on the plate or in the bowl. Clean the footpads and place them under the bowl or plate -- not touching one another. Attach the red clip to one footpad and the black clip to the other footpad. Turn on The Ultimate Blood Zapper. Your food will be zapped far more effectively than with any of the expensive food zappicators that are now available from other zapper makers because of The Ultimate Blood Zapper's unique and powerful formula.



  1. uz6Set up your zapper as shown in the diagram to the right. If you do not have foot pads just ignore the connections from the hand holds to the foot pads. Pay particular attention to ensure the red plugs are for the right side and the black plugs are for the left side.
  2. Ensure that you are at least 3 feet away from computer monitor or TV, or 10 feet away from the old style cathode ray computer monitor of TV. Ensure that you are inside.
  3. Wrap the handholds and footpads in paper towelling or thin cotton so that no metal is exposed. Lightly dampen the paper towelling or cotton with tap water such that it is not dripping. This will allow for best conduction (you may wish to later on when you have assessed your sensitivity use salt water for better conduction). You may need to reapply water if it becomes too dry during a session. After several sessions, you may notice a brown iron oxide color appearing on the red side plate and hand held. When discoloration of the paper becomes darker, it is time to change the wrap.
  4. Before zapping please consult a licensed medical practitioner if you have a specific medical condition or if you are taking any medicine or special herbal products or vitamin or mineral supplements. The Ultimate Blood Zapper will potentiate these products making their effects more powerful because of The Ultimate Blood Zapper's powerful Electroporation Effect that temporarily increases cell permeability. Electroporation opens the cell walls temporarily, letting nutrients, herbs and medication enter the cells more efficiently. Although some people find this beneficial it may not be beneficial for all people under all conditions. This should be closely evaluated by you together with your medical practitioner. Do not zap if you are pregnant or if you are wearing a heart pacemaker. Children under 3 years of age must also not zap.
  5. Turn on the switch on the unit. A red LED will light to indicate it is powered on.
  6. Hold the black handhold in your left hand and the red handhold in your right hand. Apply your feet in the same way with the footpads. Most people will feel nothing at all when zapping. This is quite normal because The Ultimate Blood Zapper generates 2,500 micro-pulses per second and most people are not sensitive enough to feel these rapid pulses. But some people who are very sensitive and may feel a slight tingling or a slight pulsing sensation.
  7. In your first session;

    Zap for 15 seconds - This will kill parasites in your body
    Take a break for 20 minutes
    Zap for 15 Seconds - This will kill bacteria released by the dead parasites in your body
    Take a break for 20 minutes
    Zap for 15 Seconds - This will kill viruses released by the dead bacteria in your body

    You have now completed your very first complete zapping cycle.
  8. If you do not have any reaction with the 15 second sessions, then you will know that you are not hypersensitive and you can zap for 30 seconds in your next session with the two 20 minute breaks.
  9. You should zap at least once a day for the first 3 weeks. You may start to get results within the first few days. This is very common. You may wish to complete 1, 2 or 3 zapping cycles per day depending on your sensitivity. After zapping for 3 weeks take a break for one week before resuming zapping. The purpose of this is twofold. Firstly, you need to give the body a rest from the process of detoxification. Secondly, you do not want the parasites and other pathogens to become used to the zapping wave. If they become too used to it they may develop resistance to it. You want to surprise them every time you zap and having a break after 3 weeks allows this to happen.
  10. People with specific medical conditions, people on medication (please read about Electroporation) and the elderly should be monitored closely by their doctor if they are zapping. A slow zapping schedule is best. You need to watch how your body reacts. People with specific medical conditions, people taking medication, elderly people and people using The Ultimate Blood Zapper for the first time should definitely start at only 15 seconds. Sensitive people should stay at 15 seconds for one week. Then if they are feeling comfortable at 15 seconds they can increase their zapping time to 30 seconds and then one minute after a few days at each level they reach their maximum level of comfort which can be anywhere between 1 minute and 10 minutes.
  11. The die-off effect (also known as a Herxheimer reaction) can happen if you detoxify too quickly. I always recommend that people go slowly with detoxification. Trying to kill too many toxins at once can make you feel unwell, like you have the flu. If you start to feel out of sorts from die-off stop zapping for 2 or 3 days. When you resume zapping, cut back on your zapping time and then work your way up slowly to your maximum level of comfort -- not discomfort.
  12. Maintenance Zapping is very important. Not only does it keep parasites and other pathogens under control and prevent them from proliferating, it also helps keep the body healthy through the Electroporation effect. People taking daily herbs or supplements will benefit from having the effect of these substances enhanced through electroporation when they do maintenance zapping. Some people like to zap 1 to 3 times a week for maintenance after they have resolved whatever ailment they have been zapping for. Others find that zapping a few times a month is sufficient. You should experiment to see what works best for you.



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