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The Ultimate Blood Zapper (for all countries other than Canada and U.S.A)

The Ultimate Zapper (Countries other than Canada/U.S.A).

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Includes Footplates, Power Supply suitable for your country, and FREE DELIVERY by Registered Air Mail from Canada. (Note: To avoid delays in delivering your zapper, please provide your phone number for consignment paperwork when ordering).


The Ultimate Blood Zapper is covered by a lifetime warranty. If your zapper needs servicing all internal parts and labor costs are free of charge for the life of your zapper. If your zapper has sustained an accident or been abused there is a small service charge for repair. There is also a small charge for repair in the case of wires, clips and plug connectors
The Ultimate Blood Zapper is not covered under warranty if damage occurs to the machine due to use of an AC Adaptor that is not specifically an Ultimate Blood Zapper adaptor so it is advisable to order a Universal AC Adaptor if you are outside of the United States or Canada to avoid this situation.
*Note: Registered Air Mail delivery is included in the cost. Registered Air Mail Delivery to USA and Canada is $US44.95: to countries outside of USA/Canada FedEx delivery is $US89.95.


Not intended to treat disease, support or sustain human life, or to prevent impairment of human health; for frequency delivery, self-education and research purposes only.
Natures Energies Health Products is engaged in the dissemination of general health related information only. We do not under any circumstances offer medical advice. Nothing on this page or site should be construed as representing medical advice on the treatment or diagnosis of any condition giving a cause for concern, or be used as a substitution for such. If you have any symptoms which give cause for concern you should consult your physician or other health care professional. The Ultimate Blood Zapper is an experimental device and is for research purposes only, and that absolutely no claims of any kind are made as to the suitability of this equipment for any purpose. No medical claims are made or implied. All testimonials are merely anecdotal. The Ultimate Blood Zapper is not a licensed product; it is sold in the US as a plant growth stimulator, not for use on humans or animals. Although the FDA has approved some patented zappers for use on humans it has not yet approved The Ultimate Blood Zapper as a medical device.


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Question Do footpads really give better results?

Yes, footpads certainly do give better results. They augment the square wave's signal so it reaches all areas of the body more effectively. People report better results when they use the handholds and footpads at the same time. Studies show that adding footpads improves results by 63% to 77%. About 80% of people who purchase The Ultimate Zapper also purchase a pair of footpads.

Question Does it come with footpads?


Question Should I zap in the morning or in the evening?

Some people like to zap in the morning. They say that zapping in the morning energizes them and gives them a feeling of well-being all day. Other people find that they get sleepy when they zap. So, they like to zap at bedtime. They get a very deep and restful sleep when they zap at bedtime. Each person is different. Each person has to experiment with The Ultimate Zapper to see what works best for them.

Question Will I see worms come out? Some testimonials sound scary.

There are thousands of people who have been using The Ultimate Zapper since 1996. Some people (a small fraction of one percent) have emailed back the "scary" testimonials that appear in the archive. Over 99% of people will see nothing at all when they use The Ultimate Zapper because most parasites are microscopic and their elimination goes undetected.

Question Why do you use stainless steel for your handholds and footpads and why are there no wristbands?

We have found that the aging and corrosion of copper handholds and footpads weakens the current. The problem with copper is that when it corrodes the copper oxide that is formed is non conductive. Stainless steel does not corrode. It has better conductivity than aging copper over time and assures that the current is as strong as the day your zapper arrived, even after years of use. Although stainless steel does have a lower conductivity rating The Ultimate Zapper is so powerful that this does not lessen its effectiveness at all. Wristbands are not included as they are not very effective. Dr. Hulda Clark states "... although wrist straps are convenient, not enough research has been done to accurately compare effectiveness with the tubular design of electrodes. A very sick person should use the copper tube electrodes, of correct dimension, correctly placed ... and not risk poor conductance." Handholds and footpads conduct electricity better than wristbands. There are three conductance problems with wrist bands. Inadequate contact area: wrist bands make more contact on the outer edges and less contact on the flat surfaces. Handholds provide a much larger contact area. Inadequate contact pressure: the straps do not press firmly enough against the skin. Inadequate conductivity: It is difficult to keep the wrist bands moist for the duration of the zapping session.

Question Why is there no timer?

The Ultimate Zapper is the most powerful zapper available. Individuals and practitioners often find that zapping with The Ultimate Zapper for only 3 to 5 minutes gives them excellent results. Some people are very sensitive and they need to zap for only one minute, receiving the same benefit as people who zap for 7 minutes. Some people like to zap for 10 minutes or more. Some people even like to zap for an hour straight. Offering a 7-minute timer would eliminate the flexibility that so many users of The Ultimate Zapper want and need. Everyone is different and each person must experiment to find out what time duration works best for them. Not having a timer on The Ultimate Zapper enables them to do so.

Question Can I zap my pets?

Many people zap their pets to control their pet's parasites and to treat them for illness. There is a remarkable story on the testimonial archive about a lady named Monique who zapped her 18-year-old cat with the zapper and her cat came back to life. Here is another testimonial I received recently: "Ken ... Your zapper cured my 12 year old cat. She had all these problems. She had 12 years of parasites. So I zapped her everyday for a month she would purr and drewl. She loved it. Now shes like a kitten again thanks again Ken, from Ron." Some people attach the handholds to their pet's paws, inserting them into loose rubber bands that they put around their pet's legs. Many people find that zapping their pets using the footpads is more convenient than zapping their pets using the handholds. Many people find that zapping their pets using the footpads is more convenient than zapping pets using the handholds. Put one left paw on the left footpad and one right paw on the right footpad. You can do this alternately with the front and back paws. Zap your pet starting at one minute only. You can gradually increase this to 7 minutes over a period of several days if it is well-tolerated by your pet.

Question Does The Ultimate Zapper kill good intestinal bacteria?

The Ultimate Zapper is very powerful. But it targets the bad bacteria that have a positive charge. The good bacteria have a negative charge and are normally not affected. Occasionally the balance of the intestinal flora is changed by parasite die-off. But the good bacteria replicate so efficiently and quickly that most people feel nothing at all when this happens. On rare occasions, if loose bowel movement happens, a person may have to take some probiotics like acidophilus to re-introduce healthy bacteria in the colon. The vast majority of people who zap with The Ultimate Zapper experience no change at all in bowel movements.

Question Are there any side-effects from zapping?

There are two possible side effects from zapping with The Ultimate Zapper that you should be aware of. The first is die-off, which may last for a few hours, at most. The second is electroporation which can last for several hours. This effect peaks within the first hour and then declines. It is all but gone after 3 hours. There may be a slight residual effect between 3 hours and up to 24 hours in the case of long-lasting supplements and medication. But the effect is greatly diminished after 3 hours and if it is felt at all at this point it will be very slight, if at all noticeable. Electroporation opens the cells to nutrients, herbs & medication. 1. Die-off. When parasites and bacteria die off they produce ammonia and other toxins. If the die-off happens too quickly you can feel the effects of that die-off. If you zap slowly you will probably not feel the effects. Die-off can make you feel a bit light-headed, as though you had the flu. This same reaction happens with people who are taking antibiotics which kill bacteria. The die-off effect is not dangerous and it normally lasts for only a few hours. If you do feel the effects of die-off the best thing to do is cut back the number of minutes you zap. When all is said and done the vast majority of people never feel any die-off symptoms at all. Die-off usually happens very slowly and gradually, too slowly to be felt. It is suggested that people start zapping slowly and work up to their maximum level of comfort. People who are very sensitive should start zapping for only one minute or even only 30 seconds. It may take 3 to 7 days at this level before they can comfortably move up to two minutes, then three or more minutes. They may not be able to move up to 7 minutes without starting to feel die-off symptoms, in which case they should cut back. This is not a problem, because of their sensitivity, they are receiving the full therapeutic effects with The Ulimate Zapper even before they get to seven minutes. People who are less sensitive can quickly begin zapping for 7 to 10 minutes and they may be able to zap up to 3 times a day without ever feeling any die-off symptoms. The die-off effect is also known as the Herxheimer reaction. From Wikipedia: Typically [with the Herxheimer effect] the death of these bacteria and the associated release of endotoxins occurs faster than the body can remove the toxins via the natural detoxification process performed by the kidneys and liver.

Question How does the 2,500 Hertz frequency kill all pathogens?

The secret is this. The Ultimate Zapper's Super Stabilized true square wave combines with its 100% Duty Cycle and its special low frequency to resonate with parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus. They literally explode. What is resonance and how does it work? All things in the universe, including dangerous pathogens such as parasites, bacteria and viruses, have a "natural frequency" that they silently vibrate at. Resonance is the principle whereby vibrations are created at the same frequency that a object or pathogen vibrates at. The target is destroyed by those "like" vibrations. A real live example of the resonance principle in action was viewed by millions of TV viewers back in 1971 in a commercial for Memorex recording tape. There was a wine glass on a table and Ella Fitzgerald, the famous jazz singer, held a note that was exactly the natural frequency of the glass. Her voice was recorded on Memorex recording tape. The glass exploded in front of the camera. The punch line was, "Is it live or is it Memorex?" The Memorex commercial illustrated perfectly the principle of "natural frequency" and resonance. The square wave produced by The Ultimate Zapper creates a universal vibration that resonates with the broad sprectum of all pathogens at all frequencies. Dr. Hulda Clark herself did not fully understand how the square wave creates this broad-spectrum effect. But the fact is that it does and the fact is that The Ultimate Zapper does this far better than any other zapper. Frequency change zappers, sweep zappers and oscillating zappers are not true zappers. The zapper principle that Dr. Hulda Clark discovered in 1993 was based on the zapper being set to a single frequency. These new devices that are not set to a specific low frequency either vibrate at a single very high frequency, sweep through a range of frequencies or alternate between different specific frequencies. The Ultimate Zapper is set to the best single frequency, 2,500 Hertz, that helps the Super Stabilized square wave perform most effectively. Hitting a single high frequency using "smart keys", such as some digital "zappers" do, renders that device useless as a true zapper because a zapper must use a low frequency to resonate with all pathogens to kill them. The smart key only enables the device to kill a single pathogen that resonates at a single high frequency. The higher the frequency the less effective it is in killing all pathogens. All pathogens vibrate at very high frequencies but, ironically, they are most susceptible to being killed as a group when a low-frequency zapper is used to resonate with them. This is the reality of the physics of zapping and this is why "dual zappers" are no more effective than zappers that use a single low frequency. The higher frequency adds nothing to the effectiveness of zapping. It is the lower frequency that does all the work. Which is precisely why makers of high frequency zappers add a lower frequency to their zappers and call them "dual zappers", trying to market them as superior. They are indeed superior to single high frequency zappers. But they do not come close to the superior effectiveness of The Ultimate Zapper with its unique square wave and its unique 12-feature formula. People who know the exact frequency of the pathogen they want to destroy can set the digital "zapper" to that specific frequency using a smart key program and a specific smart key. The specific pathogen is then destroyed. But most people will never will go to the trouble or the expense of doing synchrometer testing to find this information out and purchase the necessary equipment to do the job. The cost comes to over $1,400.00 and the process is very complicated. Most people have a variety of parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus in their body and they simply zap to kill them all at the same time, which is exactly what Dr. Clark recommends in her books. Using The Ultimate Zapper is the most affordable and effective way to kill pathogens. "Program drivers" that oscillate between frequencies turn the zapper into a frequency generator that does not focus its healing power on a single low frequency for a long enough time, if a low frequency is being used as part of the sequence at all. The irony of digital "zappers" is that most pathogens vibrate at very high frequencies, between 300,000 and 500,000 Hertz and those pathogens are most efficiently destroyed by a square wave using a 2,500 Hertz frequency rather than a high frequency zapper that is set to 15,000 Hertz or higher or that oscillates at high frequencies or between various high and low frequencies. This method actually reduces the effectiveness of zapping because the time spent zapping at the higher frequencies is wasted. Only zapping at a low frequency for a long enough period of time will provide superior results. The Ultimate Zapper's electronics are designed to produce one single frequency, not to sweep frequency ranges or oscillate between specific frequencies. Using a frequency-sweep zapper or oscillating zapper is less effective than zapping at one lower frequency which focuses the healing power of the device for a longer period of time. Sweeping means you are not sure what frequency to use, so you play zapper roulette, hoping for good results. Using this concept, zapping becomes a guessing game and it is very ineffective. Frequency sweep or oscillating zappers do not focus their therapeutic power at a single, effective low frequency, whereas The New Improved Ultimate Zapper does. If you know what single low frequency provides the best results why sweep or oscillate at all? What The Ultimate Zapper does for you is take the guess work out of zapping. It has chosen the most effective frequency at which to zap, 2,500 Hertz, using a Super Stabilized square wave with all positive pulses. This has proven to be the most effective formula of any zapper for the past 18 years.

Question How does the 9-volt AC adapter produce 10.5 volts?

The high quality AC adapter is the most expensive single component of The Ultimate Zapper. It has been put through rigorous government safety testing in the U.S.A. and Canada and it is UL and CSA approval. Since the specifications state that it produces 9 volts DC one would logically expect it to produce 9 volts. But the fact is that when you test the AC adapter on an oscilloscope it produces a constant voltage of 10.5 volts DC. This is due to its internal wiring which produces more voltage than is stated in its specifications. You can count on 10.5 volts DC each and every time you zap.