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Pro-Oils Patchouli Pure Essential Oil 12mL






Pro-Oils Patchouli Pure Essential Oil 12mL

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PatchouliA widely known essential oil, Patchouli is often associated with hippies or earthy types who are thought to use it for its mood-lifting properties. Patchouli comes from the plant Pogostemon cablin and actually has powerful skincare properties.

Extraction and Application: This thick essential oil is steam-distilled after its extracted from young leaves. Add a few drops of Patchouli to your bath or humidifier to alleviate depression and anxiety. Blend with massage lotion to combat skin infections and to facilitate healing of wounds.

Aromatherapy Uses: Patchouli serves as a powerful skin care agent; it even promotes skin cell growth when applied directly to the skin. Patchouli helps to relieve anxiety, depression, fatigue, curb addiction, reduce cellulite and bloating.

Caution: Although non-toxic, its best to use Patchouli in small doses given its strength. 

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Pro-Oils Patchouli Pure Essential Oil 12mL

Pro-Oils Patchouli Pure Essential Oil 12mL

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