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PEACE & TRANQUILITY - Amber Essence and Amber Oil






PEACE & TRANQUILITY - Amber Essence and Amber Oil



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Amber Essence and Amber Oil

"Peace and Tranquility" holds the virtue of gentleness, and creates a solid grounding energy. The blend softens, supports & nourishes the soul; creates a feeling of support and balances out sensitivities. Reconnects your soul with your life purpose & supports the spirit in challenging situations. Brings serenity, balance and emotional harmony, while soothing & nurturing. The spiritual valium; perfect for those who spend their time caring for others, or for those who are easily hurt; assists in relaxing & unwinding. Beneficial in stressful situations to assist in calming & soothing while maintaining a centre of balance & peace. A deeply, rich and penetrating, calming blend.

Note: Peace and Tranquility is NOT included in the set of 10 blends.

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PEACE & TRANQUILITY - Amber Essence and Amber Oil

PEACE & TRANQUILITY - Amber Essence and Amber Oil

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