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Ultrasonic Salt Air Pod Humidifier and Adaptor Plug






Ultrasonic Salt Air Pod Humidifier and Adaptor Plug

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Through the use of this unique device, you too can now simulate the conditions of the European salt caves in the comfort of your own home.

  • Easy to Use - just plug in
  • 100% natural and completely safe

The Salt Air Pod is an ultrasonic particle dispenser that uses ultrasonic frequency vibration to transform saline solution into 1-5 micron salt particles. These micro particles are a salt mist that are dispersed into the air.

Good for your pets too!

Natural unprocessed Himalayan Salt is great for pets with arthritis and for their general health and well-being.


  • Optional colored LED function for changing color light show.
  • Adjustable Mist Control
  • Electrical adaptor plug to make the power plug adaptable to all countries worldwide.
  • 250g Himalayan Fine Salt for the saline solution (requires 5g/L)
  • Instruction manual

Should you require replacement salt for your salt pod, you can source locally Himalayan rock salt (which is mercury free), or you can purchase a spare supply from our store (available in 250g or 600g packets).

How to Use

The salt pod is typically used in your bedroom overnight while you sleep for a 7-8 hour exposure.

The Ultrasonic Salt Air Pod is safe for people in all different age groups. The Ultrasonic Salt Air Pod functions relatively quietly so will not disturb your sleep. Frequent use of Salt Air Pod is recommended to achieve best results

The device is essentially a humidifier which can be used with salt water, and is placing an insignificant amount of humidity into your room (131mL/hour when set to maximum). This means no mould or dampness will result from running the unit. For the purposes of using this as a salt pod, we recommend that you run it with the dial set to somewhere between 6pm (16 dots) and 7.30pm (19 dots) (25mL/hr to 33mL/hr). With time, you will get to work out the best setting for you which could be less than these settings.

Warning: Unit must not be filled while plugged in with power turned on. After filling, wipe unit down to ensure there is no water on the exterior of the unit. Keep out of reach of children when operating.


Use the following steps to set your unit up ready for operating.

1. Simply remove the cover from the base Salt Pod
2. Turn the cover upside down and remove the black cap by twisting it anticlockwise. Salt Pod
3. Fill the unit to the top with tap water. Salt Pod
4. Add TWO teaspoons of salt. Himalayan rock salt should be the preferred choice at it contains no toxic mercury which is in common sea salt. Salt Pod
5. Replace the black cap and shake the unit for 5-10 seconds to dissolve the salt. Salt Pod
6. Place the top unit back onto the base, lining the black cap with the sunken area in the base. You will hear a gurgling sound for a few seconds as the water releases into the base. It is now ready to run. Salt Pod
7. We recommend when using the salt pod for the first time that you run it with the dial set to somewhere between 6pm (16 dots) and 7.30pm (19 dots) (25mL/hr to 33mL/hr). With time, you will get to work out the best setting for you which could be less than these settings. The photo to the right shows the salt pod set at 6pm. Salt Pod
8. Plug the unit in and turn the large knob on the side clockwise to switch it on. Salt Pod


Dimension (cm) Weight (g)
 24 x 20 x 19 (in packaging box); Actual unit measures 19cm diameter and 28cm high 890

Power: 25W

Voltage/Frequency: 100 - 240V / 50-60Hz (Note: the units are made for the UK market and are marked on the bottom as 240V. However they are suitable for 100 - 240V electrical feed, making them alright for any country including USA and Canada.

Product Capacity: 2.4L

Noise: <35dB (A)

Warning: This product does not replace the advice or medication given by your doctor. Always use it under medical supervision.

Question There are three small dots, quite close together. Where is the maximum output setting?

The maximum output setting for the unit is at 10.00 O'clock. Simply turn the knob clockwise, and it will click on. As you continue to turn the knob clockwise, output will progressively increase, until it is at maximum output at the 10.00 O'clock position.

Question Do you have a Halo Salt Air Pod for USA?

The Salt Pod can be used in USA and all other countries worldwide. The power requirements are 110-240V AC. We provide a power adaptor with the unit to make it adaptable to the power outlet in your country.

Question If I use the Ultrasonic Salt Air Pod in a room with house plants will it affect the plants?

As the Salt Air Pod has salt in the water then I suspect that it will affect the plants. Plants do not like salt so if particles of salt are in the air my thoughts are this will damage them. To be safe I would move the plants to another room.

Question My question is that the machine is 240 volt, with the adaptor that it comes with will it work in 120 volt outlet?

Yes the unit will work on power supplies from 110 – 240V. It can be plugged from out of the box into any country worldwide and function perfectly.

Beautiful, quiet machine that is easy to use. Just received it and after the 3rd night my daughter's nose is not irritated anymore and her pug dog sleeps well through the night as he used to wake up 4 times in the night to clear his throat. My husband uses it during the day as he is post heart attack/post smoker. Very impressed. I live in the USA and bought this from this web site.

Exellent product and customer service.

I ordered from U.S.A. The customer service is wonderful. Helped me understand the product so I was confident buying. Believe me I searched lots of places to get help with my grandkids allergies, and thank goodness found you. I was so pleased with the service and product, I ordered another. Highly recommend Natures Energies. Thank you.

I love this product. I have bought two, one for my bedroom and one for my booth at my office. My mom has bought one fur her bedroom as well.
Great product worth the money.

I absolutely love my salt pod! I had bought a different one that just didn't do what I was looking for and then I found this one. No comparison at all. I am actually going to purchase another one and my mother is going to get one as well
I would definitely recommend this.

Love the product and love the company! Thanks
I highly recommend this product to be beneficial to your health.

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