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Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #7


Teeth Regrowth Formula - Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #7

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Teeth Regrowth Formula

18% Helium, 36% Neon, 46% Xenon @ 550 psi

Click here to read about about the theory and use of the inert gas devices in general.

Container Material Color Dimension (cm) Empty Container Weight (g)
Aluminium (Anodized) and Brass Blue Height 11.5; Diameter 6.0 829

Click here for instructions on using the inert gas devices.

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Question Do the devices leak? How long do they last?

Generally, no they do not leak and thus they can theoretically last forever. There is one exception to this: Helium. Its tiny molecular size allows it to very slowly leak through the container walls of truly ALL containers it is in - including the massive steel cylinders in which it is most commonly found. The leak rate is so slow, however, when an inert gas device is properly built and tested as described above, that for all practical purposes the pressure will remain within 2% of its initial value for at least 10 years. Pure Helium devices are best refilled every 10 years or so.

Question What is your best device for sleeping? I have such broken sleep and I wake up tired.

Our most effective device for tackling sleep issues is Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #8. It is so effective as it uses the field from the Helium inert gas and it is very safe to use. Other options you might like to consider are removing geopathic stress from your home through installing a geoclense, or using a sleep partner also available through Natures Energies. The inert gas device #8 is however probably the most effective.

Question How long will the device remain effective and will I have to replace sometime in the near future? Is this device safe since its pressurized (500 psi)?

The device will remain effective permanently. There is however a chance that the Helium gas will leak over a period of approximately 10 years as it is almost impossible to retain the gas due to the size of the helium atom, but all of the other gases will remain compressed in the device. There is a permanent magnet that has been specially treated, but it too will retain its inherent properties permanently. The device is completely safe even though it has highly compressed gases. The walls of the cylinder are 40x the thickness required for such pressures, and the valves and plug are rated to 3000psi, even though the device holds 500psi. There is also an inbuilt safety feature should anything go wrong, which as explained is extremely unlikely.

Question Can the inert gas beams be felt?

Yes. 70% of people feel the inert gas beams as a tingle in the palm of their hand, or a warm (or cold) feel. Some people report seeing light emitted from the devices. Note also that 3 of the 5 inert gases are very expensive and very difficult to source. At the time of writing, xenon gas was hard to find and in short supply worldwide, and the gas supplied to us in a 1L bottle (under high pressure) cost more than $3000, which greatly raises the price of these unique devices.

Question How can I switch the device off?

The devices supplied through Natures Energies does not have a switch that will turn the device off. To turn the device off, you simply turn it upside down. If you have a 2 or more storey home, make sure that you turn it upside down on the ground floor to prevent the field from penetrating into the lower levels of the home. If you live in a multi storey unit, you will need to wrap the device in layers of lead sheet (up to 1/4" thick) which you can purchase from your local hardware store to completely block the field from people in other apartments surrounding you. If you do not wrap in lead, store at a distance greater than 10 metres from yourself and others.

Question What occurs with over-use or too much intensity?

You cannot be overexposed to the devices available through Natures Energies, as the magnetics and gases have been specially treated using an undisclosed quantum technology. Inert Gas Devices from Other Suppliers With devices sourced from other companies, it has been observed that when placed close to the bed, that sometimes that person is quite sensitive to the effect and has trouble sleeping, or wakes up feeling poorly rested ("grouchy"). An example of this is shown in an earlier device from the 1980s, as shown in case study #7. According to energy sensitive people, Natures Energies Inert Gas Beaming Technology does NOT cause over stimulation or overexposure.

Question Can I use the device at work?

We recommend that the device is only used during sleep, or while meditating. There is one good reason for this: the device (especially a device with Xenon) can be thought of as a manifester. So if while you are sitting at work with the device, the telephone rings, and you are confronted with some difficult issue by the person on the telephone, you may be manifesting a (temporary) negative energy or negative attitude while in the inert gas field which would not be conducive to healing. If however you are able to maintain a visualization of the desired outcome while this is happening, then you could possibly use the device while working.

Question What other experiments are being done with inert gas devices?

A researcher is growing corn and beans and other plants in sand and water with no added nutrients or soil, while exposing the growing plants to the inert gas devices. The control groups, grown without the inert gas energy, die quickly. With the device, the plants are thriving. Another researcher has observed increased skin cell growth rates with exposure to the inert gases in petri dish cultures ("in-vitro"). Another researcher reports a shift in the ultra-violet spectral response of water that has been exposed to an inert gas device containing Helium. It is hoped these researchers will publish these studies soon.

Question Regrowing teeth? Please tell me more about that.

The following information was taken directly from the site hilarion.com, and is written by Jon Fox We have had many questions lately about the process of using the inert gases for the regeneration of teeth. We are learning what is needed to do it - what works and what doesn’t. Not being a medical doctor (M.D.), I am very limited in what I can and cannot say about the process. Again, please be aware that any medical or therapeutic techniques must be taken up between you and your personal health practitioner or physician. I make no claims, and no claims are implied, for the inert gas devices or dietary techniques presented here. That being said, we can share our observations. Much of this will apply to any form of regeneration. To regenerate the body is difficult. Four components appear to be essential. We must have: Enough energy: many of us are sending a great deal of our energy into our past dramas and old patterns, relationships that don’t work, stress at our jobs, etc. Caroline Myss speaks about this a lot - we highly recommend her tapes. A good one to start with is “Why People Don’t Heal And How They Can.” There is also excellent work on clearing out old patterns available through Byron Katie’s The Work. The inert gas technology adds aetheric energy to our aetheric bodies. Many people can feel or sense the energy. But what will you do with it? It must be properly directed. That is why a clear visualization is so important for success. Belief it is possible: We are faced with a strong societal belief that we are incapable of regenerating any body part. Of course, most of us have already grown two sets of teeth (our juvenile set, and then our adult set). Why can’t we grow another set? Our bodies know how to do it already. However, we are faced with the huge body of evidence that it cannot be done - that it is ridiculous to even imagine it. We have all the observations of dentists to back this up. How do you break this belief pattern for yourself? Usually there will be emotions involved, often at a deep subconscious level. Again, The Work, (Byron Katie) can be helpful. So can deep emotional release techniques like Body Electronics (Dr. John Ray), Re-Birthing (Leonard Orr), Deep Tissue Massage (including the work of Therese Pfrimmer), and other methods. But busting apart limiting belief patterns is essential! The raw materials: We present two quotes from Symbols, by Hilarion: The diet must be made as pure and clean as possible. We refer here to adopting eating habits which will leave little or no residue in the digestive system. Residues always interfere with the efficiency of the body functions generally, and it is fair to assume that so long as the body is struggling in other areas of natural function, it will be unwilling to direct the necessary energy to the task of growing new teeth. (Page 32). The harmful rich foods popular in this century must be eliminated: all foods containing refined sugar, all soft drinks, and all fried oil and fat. Likewise, habits which drain the body’s energy must also be stopped, namely, smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Lastly, anyone consuming drugs for any reason will not be able to succeed with the regrowth technique because of the great burden put on the digestive and renal systems by the taking of any chemically produced substance. This includes sleeping pills, aspirins, and vitamin supplements. (Page 33). So what are we to do? Lots of us have tried many dietary approaches. Over the years, we have observed the effects on ourselves, our clients, and our friends and relatives and family. Long-term (over 5 years), the effects for most people we have observed of a low-fat diet have been devastating to most people's bodies. Our nerves, and especially our brains, need fat - that is what they are made of. But at the same time, we have consistently observed that heated fats of any kind, vegetable or animal, are extremely damaging. That is why initially, a low-fat diet is such a life-saver - especially as an antidote to the typical western diet, which is so high in heated fats. But it is clear that we must go beyond simply eliminating the toxic materials - we must re-build the body’s raw materials reserves before it will put attention on the regrowth process. Now I will simply state what I have observed - this is my no-hold’s barred opinion. Long-term, there are many approaches that simply don't work. Here are a few (again, please note that this is my own personal opinion. It a free expression of my view from my own observations. It is not meant to harm or infringe in any way upon the products or approaches mentioned herein): Hulda Clark’s anti-parasite program The Dr. Robert Young approach by the InnerLight Corporation The MacDougal diet The Zone diet The Raw Vegan diet The Blood Type diet The Macrobiotic diet The Mucusless diet. (Trademarks, brand, and merchandise names are the property of their respective owners, and are used solely for purposes of identification, without endorsement of any kind. By use of this site users agree to the following: 1 - Jon C. Fox does not evaluate or make recommendations on companies or merchandise; 2 - all information is supplied on an "AS IS" basis; 3 - information provided does not constitute advice by Jon C. Fox nor necessarily represent his views; 4 - users should seek professional advice in matters that affect their interest; 5 - the contents of linked sites are the exclusive responsibility of their owners; 6 - users will hold Jon C. Fox harmless for damages that result from the use of this site.) These approaches can be lifesavers when a person is near death’s door. But long-term, they do damage - some worse than others. They can leave residues in people that can take years to clean up. This will prevent the body from absorbing the raw materials needed to begin the regrowth process. So, we have found consistently, that these dietary regimes do NOT support regeneration of teeth. We have, however, found a diet that does indeed work, long-term, to promote deep health, well-being, longevity, and regrowth - the diet of Aajonus Vonderplanitz, as presented in his book We Want To Live, and his subsequent follow-up materials. However, this diet does not use supplements (residues, remember?), so there is no subsequent way for health practitioners, health food stores, etc to make any money. It is not a diet that makes good use of the free enterprise system - it is based on (radical) principles of natural health, and it has cured many people, long-term, of many difficult and chronic ailments. Every day we are on this diet, we are stronger and healthier and younger looking. Sufficient health to begin the process. How healthy are you, really? Many people come to us with tooth problems, seeking to regrow a recently extracted tooth. Why was the tooth removed in the first place? Decay? Root canal? Osteoporosis? These all indicate deeper underlying conditions that must be attended to before any regrowth is possible. Again, the body will redirect any additional energy, from any source, be it the inert gas device or a regenerative diet, into those areas most needing attention first. And what about any other conditions in the body? Hair loss, poor digestion, difficulty concentrating? Do you look youthful, or at least the appropriate appearance for your chronological age? If not, the body will redirect the energy to where it is needed elsewhere, not to the teeth. In other words, you must get into peak condition for the body to regenerate. Although there are many ways to do this, again we must look at the long-term results. Strenuous exercise appears damaging long-term. Mild, but regular exercise seems much better. And a diet that is constantly healing and re-building the body is again so very important, so again we recommend We Want To Live

Question Can you suggest any temporary measures to help improve gums and teeth?

We have found good success with a simple, natural remedy first described (to my knowledge) by the great herbalist, Dr. John Christopher: Strip a piece of bark from a White Oak tree. (Peel it lengthwise - do not girdle the tree, or you will kill it!). Scrape the inside of bark. Pack these moist shavings inside the mouth, between the cheek and the gum. Keep it there as long as possible (such as overnight). Repeat for a few days. Be sure to avoid any tree that has been recently sprayed with pesticides. Dried white oak, as you might find in an herb store or health food store, has NOT been found to be effective or helpful.

Question What laws regulate these devices?

The U.S. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) has rules that govern the shipment and labeling of compressed gases in containers. Title 49, section 173.306, part (1) specifically grants exemption from these requirements for containers of not more than 4 fluid ounces capacity (7.22 cubic inches) or less. All of our inert gas devices meet that requirement having a gas volume of 2.44 cubic inches. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) has rules that apply to medical devices and to devices for which claims of a therapeutic or medical nature are made. We make no such claims. Certain exemptions are also made for people involved in research. As someone researching the use of these devices for yourself, this may apply. Other countries probably have their own laws about these matters.

Question Can the inert gas devices assist in meditation?

Yes. Our devices have shown value in this regard, especially in groups. Expanded states of consciousness have frequently been reported by users of Omnidirectional Inert Gas Beaming Device #9. Krypton containing devices have shown themselves to be valuable in enhancing psychic functioning of all kinds, which often aids in certain forms of meditation and in stimulating and activating the third eye chakra.

Question I have been told that anodised aluminium will block the beaming. Is this correct?

No. If you have heard this from our competitors, you have not been given you the full story. The component that interferes with the beaming is lead. You can wrap the inert gas devices in lead sheet and it stops the beaming. Lead as it turns out is also added to machining grades of aluminium to make it easier to cut and drill, but the good news is that our devices use a grade of aluminium that contains no lead. The grade of aluminium aluminium that we use therefore will not interfere with the beaming. Thee anodising will also not interfere with it. The anodising on the surface of the unit is just for appearance, and under a microscope it is simply a hexagonal crystal structure of the aluminium with a dye. There is no lead in the anodising.