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Hypertronic Pro





Hypertronic Pro (Delivery to Outside USA) - Postage by USPS International Priority Mail Included

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Note that there is a 2-3 wk wait time on production of the Hypertronic Pro.

Hello everyone at Natures Energies:

I just purchased the Hypertronic Pro and the Photon Sound Beam and the computer with the Rife Pro software.

I want to congratulate everyone who helped develop these fantastic instruments and software. They are the latest and greatest. As a practitioner of radionics I found the Hypertronic Pro and Photon Sound Beam along with the Rife Pro software to be a blessing to help treat health problems. It is one of the best investments I could ever make. Money well worth spent.

The ease of operation and selection is so great in treating disease. Again, an old technology brought back with 21'st century technology. That is awesome.

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