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Sirius - Dr. Rife Frequency Generator Software


Sirius - Dr. Rife Frequency Generator Software



This product is electronically distributed.

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System requirements:

  • PC sound card
  • Windows XP or higher operating system

The software includes:

  • Over 1100 sets of frequencies by disease (extracted from CAFL database, Dr. Rife frequency)
  • Bio-resonance frequencies for organs in the human body
  • Chakra Therapy Frequencies
  • The ability for manual input of frequencies
  • A Patient Database System for Professional Therapists for case note taking
  • Variable frequencies and time intervals for exposure to frequencies

Program features: 

  • Operating range 1 - 20,000 Hz
  • Output signal wave variability: sine, square, triangle, ramp
  • Manual frequency input
  • Compile customized therapies and save to database
  • Recommended amplifier power: 4-10 W (5W is the standard output from most computers)
Question Is Sirius available for Macintosh?

No it can only be run on computers using windows operating system.

Question I am having difficulty running the program in Windows 7. Are there any recommendations?

1. Right-click the "Rife generator.exe" or "Sirius generator.exe" application shortcut to open the menu goto "Properties". 3. Click "Compatibility" tab. 4. check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and set "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" 5. check "Run this Program as Administrator" 6. Click "Apply" "OK"

Question Who can I contact for technical support enquiries?

Please direct all technical support enquiries to [email protected]

Question Is there a manual or guide on how to use the software in English?

The software is very easy to use. All instruction on how to use the software is shown in the video on https://www.naturesenergieshealth.com/natural-therapies/rife-technology/sirius-rife-software/. Please allow the video to load (can take 1-2 minutes), and it will then start to play by itself.

Question Is this software stand-alone. Does it need to have Life Frequency Pro to operate?

The Sirius Software is stand alone and does not require life frequency pro. It operates independently.

Question Your checkout process offers free shipping. I wonder if this results the safest way of delivery?

There is no shipping with this product! You get instant access through a download link after you have paid. We verify the payment, we then let the author know to allow a code to be emailed to you to activate your downloaded copy. A very short and quick process.

Question Can I use the program on more than one computer?

For the second and any additional copies, we are offering 50% discount. To receive the discount, please email Natures Energies.

Question What type of speakers headphones should I use?

In general, speakers should be 5 watts RMS minimum and have a frequency response of at least 80 Hz to 17 KHz. Headphones should have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20KHz and should be the big over-the-ear type.

Question How loud do the speakers have to be?

Not loud at all. For speakers, set the level to a comfortable listening level. If you’re using headphones on the body, the volume should be between 80 to 90%. The level does not need to be loud. You should be completely comfortable. It's the resonance that does the work.

I don't believe the claims of the Sirius program to be true , it suggests we can play the frequencies through earphones and will get the benefits , that is completely untrue as the frequency wont be able to penetrate into the tissue due to the nature of speakers.

Reply from Natures Energies: We too share your view that frequencies transmitted by sound can only be used to treat skin conditions, and will not travel deeper into the body. We provide the Sirius software primarily for users of the Photon Sound Beam Complete. Using this system, you can deliver the frequencies from your computer to the Photon Sound Beam system, and transmitt them through plasma tubes directly into the body. You can see my discussion on this at http://www.photonsoundbeam.org/aux_function.html, and can read more about the instrument by visiting http://www.photonsoundbeam.org/.

Just wondering if there is any updates for the rife sirius system.
Answer: No updates have been released by the author to date.

I love the generator...I'm using on myself and my 82 yr old dad. He is pleased to find a product that has the potential to help his prostate problem and we have used it every three days for him. I have several health issues to deal with and all of them have frequencies mapped out for me. It's easy to use and take with you and I'm loving it, I wish I had found it months earlier.

I have tried and tested the software and it works great.

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