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Five Element Tuning Forks - Unweighted






Five Element Tuning Forks

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Five Element Tuning Forks - Unweighted

The five elements of nature are often referred to in many healing traditions including ayurveda, feng shui, wicca and Chinese medicine.

  1. Wood: Wood is produced by the water nourishing it. Wood generates fire by providing its fuel.
  2. Fire:Fire is produced by the burning of Wood, Fire generates Earth by fertilizing it with ashes.
  3. Earth:Earth is created from the ashes and lava generated from fire. From the compression of the Earth, Metals created.
  4. Metal:Metal is produced from the minerals in the earth. Metal causes condensation to bring forth water.
  5. Water:From Metal comes minerals which compose water. Water generates wood by nourishng its growth.

Comes in attractive velvet bag

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