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Low Om (68.05Hz) Tuning Fork - Weighted

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Low Om (68.05Hz) Tuning Fork - Weighted

The Low OM Tuning Fork is used on our body especially lower part of the body. It creates beautiful overtones when activated. It is useful in grounding and opening deep blockages in our body.

The sound and vibration of Ohm is calming and grounding. It can enhance breathing, relieve body tension, assist in meditation, and help facilitate yoga poses... The sound wave created by the Ohm Tuning Fork works like kinetic energy to move disharmony and tension from the body, while restoring a sense of well-being.

Ohm Sound Wave

The Low-Ohm Tuning Fork has a deep and earthy reverberating quality with lovely overtones when activated, and is an excellent choice for working on the body, especially the lower body, as it is particularly grounding. Use the Sound Universe Low Ohm Tuning Fork alone or with the Cosmic Mid Ohm Tuning Fork to create an Ohm Octave, a beautiful healing music interval. The sound vibration of Ohm is relaxing and energizing.

Audio Recording 

Tuning Fork Label    Recorded Sound

Listen Now

Note: The recorded sound may include other sounds from the environment in which they were recorded e.g., birds sounds, car sounds, reversing truck sounds, dogs barking, cracking sounds from wind or from room heating up or cooling down etc.

Material Accuracy Color Dimension (cm) Weight (g)
Special Grade Aluminium Alloy The fork is tuned to
an accuracy of +/- 0.25%
Felt Bag Open: 29 x 22
Felt Bag Closed: 29 x 11
 Tuner: 27.5
Complete Kit (Incl Felt Bag): 139
Tuner: 121

Recommended Additional Products

It is recommended that you purchase the rubber activator, to activate the tuning forks correctly.


If you require guidance and instruction on techniques for using the tuning forks therapeutically, we recommend that you purchase the Tuning Fork Therapy® DVD - Part 1 and/or read the eBook Tuning Fork Therapy Level One.

 We also recommend Tuning Fork Therapy Level Two which gives further instruction on the OM tuning fork.

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Low Om (68.05Hz) Tuning Fork - Weighted

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