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Natures Energies Terms and Conditions of Sale

Natures Energies Health Products (hereinafter "Natures Energies") means to include any parent, employee, contractor, contracted maker, and/or representative or any other rights holder, officer, affiliate, and member of Natures Energies

The following terms and conditions are agreed upon by all customers who have proceeded to the checkout page when using the Natures Energies secure web site ordering system. The terms and conditions also apply to any customer purchasing goods or services through Natures Energies and paying using other methods such as PayPal, telegraphic money transfer, IMT, direct deposit, Western Union, Money Order and so forth.

  1. Currencies
  2. Postage Insurance
  3. Delivery Service
  4. American Express Card Transactions
  5. Exchange Rates
  6. Customs Charges
  7. Returns Policy
  8. Cancellation Policy
  9. Refund Method
  10. Chargeback Policy
  11. Claims
  12. Stolen Credit Card Purchases
  13. Privacy Policy

1. Currencies

All pricing in the Natures Energies web site is shown in ($US) United States currency.

2. Postage Insurance

If you would like to insure your order for any loss or damage during transit, please ensure that you have selected one of the insurance options when checking out.

If you have not taken the option to insure your goods for loss of damage during transit, Natures Energies Health Products does not accept liability for loss or damage for any purchased goods - no exceptions.

Claims Procedure

If any of the goods that you have received have become damaged during transit, or items are missing from the parcel as a result of damaged packaging, you will need to take the damaged goods (where necessary), together with the packaging materials to your local post office to be examined, and then a complaint will need to be formally lodged with that post office. This is UPS international policy that must be followed for a formal investigation to be made into the damaged or missing items. Make sure that you have included the insurance form which will be on the outside of your parcel. When the formal complaint is received in Australia, an investigator will examine the issue and a refund will be issued if the postal service is found to be at fault. Claims can take up to 12 weeks before being settled.

Missing Parcels

If you have selected the insurance option when you placed your order swith us, and you believe that your order may have gone missing in the mail, you can contact Natures Energies, and we will then contact Australia Post with your insurance to investigate where the order is. If the investigation shows that the parcel is missing, we will either send a replacement item to you or refund payment to you after the investigation has finished (up to 12 weeks). If however you did NOT select the insurance option, there is nothing we can do and we will not refund or send a replacement item to you.

The following guide shows the minimum time that we are able to obtain assistance from Australia Post, to launch an investigation into the whereabouts of your missing order;

  • Economy Mail: 12 Weeks
  • Standard Mail: 4 Weeks
  • Courier Delivery: 10 days

We will then email you with further information on the whereabouts of your order and/or details of replacement parcel or a refund (takes up to 3 months).

3. Delivery Service

All orders are sent using the delivery service selected when you placed your order using our online shopping cart system.

Natures Energies will not be held responsible for delays in orders which cause the delivery date to fall outside the stated delivery days for the selected delivery service chosen when placing an order, and claims for such delays will not be accepted. Such delays can be as a result of customs holding onto orders for which we or the delivery service have no control over, weather delays or other unforeseen circumstances.

Where an order is returned to our office (return to sender), we will contact and advise the customer that the order has been received at our office. It is up to the customer to pay delivery costs again, should they wish the order to be resent to their delivery address. Should the customer refuse to pay delivery then the only other option is to refund cost of goods according to section 7 below. Note that under these circumstances, the parcel will be treated as a returned item(s) and restocking fees and other charges outlined in section 7 will apply. Examples of goods being returned to sender are, an incorrect delivery address, return of goods for refusal to pay customs fees, refused delivery, or non collection of goods on advice from the post office. There are other circumstances by which orders are returned to sender that are out of our control, but the described policy still applies.

Note that no tracking number is provided for economy mail delivery. Tracking number is only provided for standard or courier delivery. In the instance where an order has gone missing in the post, a tracking number cannot be provided as evidence for the order having been dispatched unless a courier, international courier or registered post service has been arranged.

The terms and conditions for all of the delivery services that we use by which we and our customers are bound use can be viewed by clicking herehere. The courier service that we use is EMS International Courier. Insurance is specified in the document as extra cover.

4. American Express Card Transactions

If you have paid using an American Express credit card, an additional 4.1% will be added to the prices shown above. For inquiries regarding your order, please email [email protected] (do not reply to this message as it will be rejected by the mail servers), ensuring that you reference the order number shown above (NExxxx).

5. Exchange Rates

All pricing in the Natures Energies web site is shown in ($US) United States currency. When your order is processed by Natures Energies staff, the $US currency will be converted into Australian Dollar ($AUD) currency and then charged to your credit card. The exchange rate used at the time of processing your order is taken from a table provided by Natures Energies bank, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and it can be viewed in real time at http://www.commbank.com.au/guides/personal/other/foreignexchangerates.asp?nb=h_tools1.http://www.commbank.com.au/guides/personal/other/foreignexchangerates.asp?nb=h_tools1. The figure used is in the line labeled "US Dollar" and appears on the far right hand side of the table in the column labelled "Bank sells Cash, Travel Money Card, T/chq's". The customer accepts that any variation in the charges to their credit card due to differences in exchange rates between Commonwealth Bank of Australia and their own bank is their own liability, should the difference as a result of the conversion from $AUD back into $US or other local currency result in a higher amount being charged to their credit card.

6. Customs Charges

When you place an order with Natures Energies Health Products, your order will be shipped from our warehouse in the Australia.

If you reside outside of the Australia, your shipment may be subject to customs charges or duties. Customs charges or duties are a form of tax that is charged for importing goods from overseas.

These taxes are usually collected by the postal service on behalf of your national government.

Natures Energies Health Products shipping charges cover the cost of shipping our products to your delivery address, and do not include custom charges, duty, or any other country-specific taxes.

Natures Energies Health Products will not be held liable for any customs charges or import taxes, and will not refund items seized by your customs office.

Please note that it is your responsibility to pay these taxes, and Natures Energies Health Products cannot reimburse these taxes.

If you decide not to pay these charges, the postal service will return your package to us, and we will process a refund in accordance with our refund policy upon receipt of the package.

7. Returns Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, in addition to your rights as a consumer under consumer protection laws and regulations, you may also be eligible to return the item for a refund under Natures Energies Sale and Refund Policy (as described below).

  1. Natures Energies will only accept returned items if they are unopened, undamaged, and if they have not been visibly handled or used in any way. After inspecting returned items, if it should be deemed that they do not fit this criteria, you will be responsible for providing postage and packaging costs to have the items returned to your delivery address. If the costs are not provided by yourself within 14 days, the items will be disposed of.
  2. All items are to be returned at your expense.
  3. A restocking fee of $US7.00 for each item being returned or 20% of the sale price (whichever is the higher amount) will be deducted from the money refunded for returned items.
  4. Unless otherwise stated in warranties applying to specific products, item claims must be within 28 days of the sale date.
  5. Consumable products (e.g., balms, flower essence remedies), products which can be worn (e.g., pinhole glasses and pendants) and software products are non-refundable.
  6. Postage and handling costs are non refundable, as are consumable products, products which can be worn (e.g., pinhole glasses) and software products. Where free postage and handling has been provided, the actual postage costs and $US3.00 to cover packaging materials will be deducted from the money refunded, in addition to the restocking charges described in point 3. above.

    Note: it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that items purchased are legal in the country to which they are being sent. Where items are returned due to importation not being authorized, or refusal to receive items, the same conditions for returns specified above apply.

Returning Items to be Exchanged

We will only accept items for exchange if they are resalable. To be resalable, the product must;

  1. be presented unopened in the packaging in which it was received (excludes postage materials).
  2. not be an item which may have been worn (e.g., pinhole glasses, pendants, wrist bands etc) due to hygiene standards which we follow.

Following this requirement, should you wish to exchange an item which you have purchased from Natures Energies for another item, you will be responsible for paying the economy mail (no tracking/insurance) postage costs as well as a packaging fee of $US3.00 for the new item to be sent to you. If you require the returned item to be insured or tracked, you must request a quote from Natures Energies first before the item is sent, otherwise the assumed economy mail option will used and the customer will be responsible for missing or items received damaged. Natures Energies is not responsible for paying the postage costs for the item being returned. Where the price of the new item is less than the price of the item being returned, you agree to pay a $7.00 restocking fee for that item. The difference in prices between the new item and the returned item will then be deducted and the money refunded (less the restocking fee). Where the price of the item being returned is less than the new item (or the same price), no restocking fee will be charged. The difference in price between the new and replacement item will then be charged to the customer.

Faulty Items

If an item is deemed to be faulty, the customer has 72 hours from the time of receiving the item to notify Natures Energies that they have received a faulty item. It is then the responsibility of the customer to return the item to Natures Energies at their own expense to be examined, and then exchanged or refunded. Customers must always choose the cheapest delivery service available if they wish to have their postage costs refunded by Natures Energies, in the event that the item is determined by Natures Energies to be genuinely faulty. The maximum amount Natures Energies will refund for postage is the original postage amount paid by the customer when they first placed their order with Natures Energies, or $AUD30.00, whichever is the lower amount. If the item is deemed by Natures Energies to not be faulty, the customer will be notified, and it is up to the customer to pay for the item to be returned to them, or they can request for the item to be refunded as described above. If Natures Energies determines that the item is faulty, Natures Energies will refund the postage expenses of the customer (provided they were the cheapest - see above) and pay delivery costs for a new item to be sent to the customer using the cheapest delivery option available (items will be sent economy air mail and not by sea mail).

Items should be returned the the following address;

Natures Energies Health Products
3 Wagtail Court
Narre Warren, VIC, 3805

8. Cancellation Policy

You cannot cancel your order after you click the “Finalize Order” button on our secure order page. Once an order is placed, it is sent to the fulfillment center for shipping and we cannot stop it.

If you change your mind for any reason after placing your order, be assured that you can return any unwanted items to us after you receive them in accordance with our Returns Policy.

9. Refund Method

  1. Your refund will be issued after we receive your item(s). The way your refund is processed depends on your original payment method.
  2. Credit card refunds will be sent to the card-issuing bank within five (5) business days of receipt of the returned package. Please contact the card-issuing bank with questions about when the credit will be posted to your account.
  3. For cheque/money order/ direct deposit payments, you will need to provide us with your bank details, please allow up to 10 days to post the refund to your account.

10. Chargeback Policy

The charge that will appear on your credit card statement will be NATURES ENERGIES, NATURES ENERGIES HEALTH PRODUCTS or CYBERLAB SYSTEMS PTY LTD. If you place a chargeback with your credit card company (on purpose or by mistake) for any order that you placed and received, there will be a $150.00 research fee charged to your account upon receiving the chargeback by our merchant provider to cover our investigative expenses to prove that you did make the purchase.

Natures Energies does not tolerate credit card fraud, and all fraud, without exception, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In addition, we will pursue civil legal action seeking any loss of income related to the fraud, including business, legal fees, research costs, employee down time and loss of revenues.

Natures Energies considers credit card charge backs to be fraud if you have made no reasonable effort to work with us to resolve any problems with your purchase. All frivolous chargebacks not only cost our employees time away from our usual and customary matters of conducting normal business, but cost us money, therefore:

You agree that if you, the buyer, choose to do business with Natures Energies, and you file a charge back with your credit card company, and you do not win the charge back argument, you agree to pay us $150 for our time responding to the matter. You, the buyer authorize us to charge this amount to your credit card. If this charge is rejected, Natures Energies will pursue legal action to recoup losses for our time associated with responding to the charge back in addition to any other fees explained above. You agree to reimburse us or any representative we may appoint for any legal expenses your actions may make us incur. We take fraud seriously. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. The waiver of a breach hereunder does not waive any other or subsequent breach.

In the event that you win the charge back with your credit card company, and have not returned our goods, Natures Energies will attempt to recover fraudulently disputed charges plus additional costs via a third-party collection agency and your account will be reported to all credit bureaus as a delinquent collection account. This may severely damage your credit rating for at least the next seven (7) years. At this point, we will no longer accept a return of the merchandise as settlement for the debt and will only accept payment in full. In addition to this, Natures Energies will file a report with your local police or sheriff’s department, and file a mail fraud complaint with your local Postal Inspection Service.

Note: The customer must attempt to return any and all merchandise to Natures Energies before attempting a chargeback. NO EXCEPTIONS!

11. Claims

All claims must be notified to Natures Energies within 28 days of the sale date. After this time, it is agreed that the sale is final, and that no further claims can be made.

12. Stolen Credit Card Purchases

We log IP strings on all orders - any orders coming back as a chargeback due to fraudulent activities will be diligently pursued through your local jurisdiction for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

13. Privacy Policy

Natures Energies Health Products has the following privacy policy:

Natures Energies Health Products respects the privacy of all users who visit this site. No effort is made to identify individuals without their prior knowledge and approval. The following policies are in effect for all of the web pages owned and operated by Natures Energies Health Products:

1. Personal Information

On all of our input forms, such as our catalog request or order forms, we ask users to provide their e-mail address and/or mailing address for the intended purpose of the form. Your e-mail address or street address will not be sold to a third party and is only used for the stated purpose of the form. Whenever the identity of a visitor is requested, we clearly indicate the purpose of the request. You may easily be removed from the list at any time by following Unsuscribe directions at the bottom of any newsletter that you receive.

2. Cookies

Our on-line store uses “cookies” to store specific information about a customers account (if cookies are enabled in the customer’s browser). This cookie is a small file containing encrypted data pertinent to the customer’s account, such as their name and account number. The cookie is stored on the customer’s computer and cannot be viewed by other sites. The information contained in it is only used for storing account information for future visits.

3. Secure Transactions

This site uses a secure SSL server so information submitted by you in secure mode is encrypted for your privacy. This means no other party may view personal information while in transit to us over the Internet. Credit card transactions are completely safe using this technology.

If you have any other questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us at any time.

14. Disclaimer Notice

All customers agree that they have read the Disclaimer Notice prior to proceeding with purchasing any goods through Natures Energies.