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In the past, it was common for the rich to show off their wealth by way of an expensive bracelet. Over time, this tradition has changed and we find many forms of bracelets to accessorise our dress wear. We present here the popular flexible pewter bracelets, which are easily opened and closed due to the soft nature of the pewter metal.

We are often asked about the size of the bracelets. The bracelet dimensions are shown but they easily bend and wrap around the wrist of the wearer, allowing each bracelet to be worn on large or small wrists.

All designs are actually engraved (rather than just painted on) giving the design a permanent protection.

All of the bracelets we stock are made from lead free pewter.

A tip on Selecting the Right Bracelet to Suit You

Do which bracelet is suitable for you? If you have long slender arms or wrists, we recommend that you select a wide chunky bracelet as they accentuate long arms. If you have the opposite, dare I say it .... plump short arms, it is often recommended that you purchase a thin bracelet as this will hide the obvious.