Animal Dreaming Oracle - Example 4

Animal Dreaming Oracle - Example 4

Owl - Deception

The Owl is a silent flyer due to the velvety surface of its feathers, making the element of surprise the strength of its assault, enhanced by the fact that the attack usually comes from a source completely unsuspected by its victim. The first that the unwary Mouse knows of the presence of an Owl is the pain of sharp talons felt in its sides.

The Dreaming lesson here is that of deception. Today, according to its pooled spiritual teachings, the Owl warns us not to assume that all is well all of the time. People and situations we trust may not be completely trustworthy, but Owl has the ability to see what others may miss. The gift of this Dreaming is to be undeceived by external appearances and to discover the truth beneath them.

A bird that chooses to hunt at night, the Owl is up until dawn. She is one of the few creatures that actually wait for the sun to come up before retiring for a well-earned rest. She literally welcomes the sun as it illuminates and warms the horizon each morning. As such, she symbolically sheds light on those areas of our life in which we are being deceived by camouflage, fraudulence, pretence or duplicity.

Owl’s wisdom allows us to know when we are stuck in the content of our own lives, oblivious to the fact that we are wandering aimlessly through life. Owl sheds light on these moments, so that clarity may be retrieved and stability salvaged.

By helping us to find light at the end of an otherwise pitch-dark tunnel, Owl promises a time of approaching lucidity, new beginnings and promise.

If Owl has silently swooped into your cards today, you are being cautioned that you are perhaps being deceived by the apparently innocent motives of another. Owl’s appearance may be a warning that you need to quickly ascertain the integrity hidden behind these motives and determine how they may affect or influence your view of the world.

The Owl has been gifted with clear night-vision which, when employed with the right intent, affords us the ability to see what others may miss.