Ask an Angel Oracle - Example 1

Ask an Angel Oracle - Example 1

Archangel Chamuel

Love is the essence of all there is. If everything in the universe is in divine and perfect order and every situation, event and experience brings about the next step of the cosmic dance, then every experience whether happy or sad, is God’s love working through our lives, teaching us and helping us to grow and evolve.

When you can look at your experiences and see what your soul has gained, you allow the love of God into your heart. Every experience offers you the opportunity to learn and grow and this is the greatest gift of all.

Like the muscles in the body, when the psyche is not challenged and exercised, it becomes weak, limp and eventually dies.

It is a time now to realize that you are loved. You are love. That is the simple truth whether you are conscious of it or not.

This is a time for turning the act of love inward on yourself. The universe offers endless supplies of love but what you do with that is your choice. All relationships are a reflection of what you feel about yourself and what you feel you deserve.

It is time to really notice what your relationships are saying about you. It is time to go within and really give yourself what you need. That may require you to take time for yourself, set new boundaries or pamper and adorn yourself. Whatever it is, it is imperative that you pinpoint what it is you really need and work on fulfilling that need for yourself.

An easy way of figuring out what you need, is to look at what you feel is missing in your relationship or noticing what it is that attracts you about a person and in turn giving those things to yourself.

Once you take it upon yourself to love, honour and respect yourself and remove any harmful influences, you will find that the world will reflect that love back to you.