Ask an Angel Oracle - Example 2

Ask an Angel Oracle - Example 2

Archangel Gabriel

Ask an Angel Oracle - Example 2Art is the message. The indefinable group of colours, symbols and sounds that contain and express the indescribable. Art is the manifestation or materialisation of the consciousness that exists in ethereal form. This is why when a new artist emerges and finds a way to express a vibration that has been bubbling below the surface of our awareness, a revolution takes place.

Whenever a society becomes rigid, represses an energy or becomes too much the extreme of an energy or value system, new art always emerges to challenge and bring balance to the whole. From Picasso to the Beatles, the artist dives deep into the unconscious to bring forth something new.

The artist is a channel; an explorer of the intangible realms, a messenger of what was found or what found the artist.

To be an artist is to be open to the colours, sounds, symbols or stories that embody the world and are talking to you; to be willing to explore what is hidden in the unconscious worlds and to be brave enough to be a messenger of what you experience.

The moment the intellect or the ego become involved, the artist becomes a blocked channel. Fear, arrogance, pride and insecurity are feelings that relate to the ego and the identity. The art comes to you because it needs to be expressed and it sees you as the correct birth canal. It doesn’t want you to take credit or own or judge what it is. Just be a good parent and nurture and protect it. The artist is the messenger not the message.

It is time for you now to open yourself up to these new ideas and new worlds of creative opportunity. Release your fears, your pride and be brave enough to go to new territories within your inner landscape. The messages, images, sounds and ideas you receive now are important to you personally, spiritually, creatively and vocationally.

Pay attention, be brave and be open.