Ask an Angel Oracle - Example 3

Ask an Angel Oracle - Example 3

Archangel Jeremiel

Each person is born a unique fingerprint of God. We are the summation of a multitude of ingredients that together make us who we are.

We are born into specific families, in specific places, with challenges as well as the nurturing that we need to learn and grow into who we become.

Beyond that, we are made up of the instinctive traits, fears, passions and longings that also reflect our nature.

Then we have a set of experiences through our lives where we may experience challenges or awakenings that move us even further along the path of who we are. We learn certain lessons or get naturally guided to different experiences and places.

Beyond all that, we feel a calling; a drive to do, experience and become something, whether this is a career or an internal state.

All these things give us clues as to what we need to gain and experience in order to learn and grow in this life and they show us what our soul longs to express and feel.

It is time to look at what these “clues” are telling you about you.

Your true nature is more than a few personality traits, interests and experiences. It is time to go beyond them, into the silence, to discover what lies beneath it all.

What is that special, unique essence that makes up you?

It is time to truly feel the perfect God/Goddess that exists at the core of your being. It is then that you may better see the true path that your experiences are taking you on and what parts of yourself and your life you must let go of in order to experience more happiness and integrity.

This is a time of awakening, of waking up to the core of who you are and immense potential that you hold in each moment.