Ask an Angel Oracle - Example 5

Ask an Angel Oracle - Example 5

Archangel Raphael

Healing is the process of bringing wholeness to something that has become fractured, impaired or dis-eased. In order to experience healing, balance must be returned to the place of disharmony. This occurs when the polar aspects of a thing, situation, issue or trauma come into balance.

If holding onto anger or any other strong emotion has created illness in the body or mind, letting go and releasing that emotion allows a healing to occur. Finding a sense of acceptance and then learning new ways to deal with the emotions or situations that brought you to the point of illness is essential in order to remain healed and not let the body/mind return to its former ill state. 

If a trauma, situation or event is creating a sense of inner stagnation and is hindering you from moving forward in your life, it may be time to evaluate how you are still perceiving the incident. If you are only seeing the negative, you must stop, see and highlight the positives you gained from the experience. You must now see how the situation is perfect and the potential that exists for you now as a result of having had that particular experience.

In order to experience healing, a balance of perspective must occur. Through bringing balance to how you perceive life, you can open up to an even deeper state of healing, which is the state of acceptance. To experience a state of acceptance is to embrace life, yourself and your path. We must always do what we can to protect, nurture and have clear boundaries for ourselves and our space but that doesn’t mean we can’t find the perfection in all our experiences.

This is a time of healing for you. A time for finding wholeness, acceptance and balance for yourself. If you need to seek the assistance of a counsellor, healer or medical doctor, now is the time to do that. Sometimes the way to bring healing to our body/mind is through nutrition, water, exercise or even eastern or western medical treatment.

Remember that the body/mind makes the whole, so no matter what is ailing you at this time it is important to consider both the physical and mental/emotional aspects of your healing. This is a time of healing through wholeness.