9D NLS Biofeedback Health Analyzer

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9D NLS Biofeedback Health Analyzer

A New Era in Alternative Medicine Health Analysis and Treatment
The 9D NLS Biofeedback Health Analyzer is the latest biofeedback system which now supersedes the 3D NLS Biofeedback Health System in terms of; 
  • Speed of diagnosis. The 3D system takes up to half an hour to diagnose a patient whereas the 9D system is much faster
  • Much larger database to draw information from in terms of diseases and bodily systems
  • Able to analyze food and health products
  • Higher accuracy with the larger database (85 - 99%). In the case of histology virtual organs, model accuracy amounts to 98% and in the case of cytological and genetic structures about 98%.
The 9D NLS system not only analyzes a patient through a unique diagnostic system, it also creates vibrational energy remedies that correct areas in the body needing treatment. The analyzer uses a non-linear system (NLS) approach to assessing the physical and psycho-emotional state of the individual and presents the results using advanced imaging. The system can be easily attached and setup on any windows based computer with an available USB port. The system is not only easy to learn - it is also easy to use.
In the earlier part of the twentieth century, experiments by the Russian researcher V.N. Kravkov observed interaction between man and machine of distant objects of animate and inanimate nature. Under the guidance of prof. V. Togatova, reactions of various semiconductor structures on the impact of bio-operators (psychic), were studied. It was proven through these experiments that the human brain without the aid of wires could be affected in sensory regions.
Following these experiments, research by Russian and US scientists on energy fields surrounding plants and animals concluded that there exist extremely weak, frequency specific, vortex magnetic fields around biological systems. Observations were made where these fields were different in people with disease, when compared with healthy subjects.
Over a period of 35 years, a database was established with these observations using tens of billions of dollars of national research funds. A collection of different sexes, ages, races, diseases, and clinical data helped to establish the database. Over time, the database was modified and a new software system was developed in Czechoslovakia (Diacom software) which used the database as a basis to make comparisons when testing clients using the NLS system. The involvement in hardware led to development of the 9D NLS system.
Patient being assessed using the 3D NLS systemHow it Works
The 9D NLS health analyzer uses headphones to transmit sonar light waves through the eardrum into the human brain. The technique is totally non-invasive, safe and pain free. The patient simply puts on a set of specially made headphones with the sensor and transmitter, and lies back to relax while the tests are performed.
The method is based on an analysis of the brain stem's electromagnetic waves (similar to Oberon and Metatron) which contain complete informational picture of the entire patient. The analyzer uses a special emitter to modulate the carrier frequency for the cell communication, and uses special sensor trigger readers built into headphones to read the cell's own signals.
The sonar frequencies are outside of the human hearing spectrum so the patient hears and feels nothing. The resonance of electromagnetic waves is then returned to the computer and compared with an extensive database. The result is a presentation showing the condition of organs in the present as well as the past. There is also a report predicting organ state over the next 3-5 years.

The 3 Main Functions of 9D-NLS Analyzer

1. Detection and Assessment of The Human Body
The system can easily assess a patient's physical conditions, disease trends, as well as forecast health direction over the next 3-5 years. Through a patient therapist relationship, the therapist is able to advise life style changes to give the notion of prevention is better than cure. A 3D presentation allows the client to visually see their bodily organs in their current state.
Assessing a client using the 3D NLS analytical system2. Confirms whether Food and Healthcare Products are Helpful Or Harmful to the Body

The 9D NLS analyzer can analyze food and healthcare products and determine whether they are going to be good or harmful to the client's body. This is useful in determining substances that could be causing allergic symptom in the patient.
  1. Connect the items cup link to the 9D-NLS.
  2. Place drugs or health food into item cup (Note: unless you are a medical doctor, you are not allowed to recommend taking a patient off their medication without the consent of their doctor).
  3. Click the organs that you wish to assess
  4. Place the headset onto the patient
  5. Click vegetotest in the software, enter the name of the drug or health food, and then start the test to assess out the drug or health food impact testing.
  6. After completing the test, the results will show in the in organ diagnosis list.
  7. Press analysis key to carry out the drug or health food analysis comparison.
  8. On the analysis of the comparison window, select the organs that have been detected and click auto search.
  9. The comparison window will search the organs to compare and analyze automatically.
3. Energy and Frequency Repair for Bodily Organ Recovery

Using the assessment data, the 9D-NLS is able to create vibrational medicine remedies using water as a basis to counter imbalanced frequencies representing stress and dis-ease.
  1. Prepare a glass cup (flat thin bottom).
  2. Add 100-200mL of pure water into the glass cup.
  3. Confirm that the items cup is linked to the host.
  4. Place the headset onto the client.
  5. Click on the energy copy button and select water as the medium.
  6. Click the turn over key, copy the wave oscillation spectrum to reverse the dis-ease.
  7. Click the START button, and begin to copy.
  8. The program will copy the reverse frequencies into water. It is recommended that the water is consumed over 30 min. It is suggested that no more than 5 cups are consumed in one day.
  9. Consume the water oince daily for best results.


Bioplasm Software

The 9D NLS system comes with a software package called Bioplasm

Watch the following video to see the software being used in a real life patient assessment

Bioplasm is the software standard that drives the 9D NLS system. It performs a sweep of all internal bodily organs, outputting a test signature for each bodily organ using the transmitter in the sonic headphones and recording measurements using the receiver in the headphone unit.
Bioplasm Software
Contrast Database
Bioplasm SoftwareDifferent parts of body to choose for testing
Bioplasm Software
Other 4 functions : ( Blood group, Face, Iris, Zodiac )
Bioplasm Software
Select the Organs for Testing
Bioplasm Software
Select other variables
Bioplasm Software
Measurements are sent to the computer via USB port, and it is the Diacom software that compares measurements made by the NLS analyzer with the developed database, and reports just how far measurements deviate from those in a healthy person. The beauty of this system is that each major organ is presented as a 3D picture, and a coding system is used to pinpoint irregularities in the organ. The following example is of an individual with a diseased Aorta. The patient in this case was advised to see a doctor, and subsequently a cardiologist.
3D Image Example of Heart from Diacom Software Output1 - Normal State; 2 - Standard Condition; 3 - Restricted State; 4 - Weak State; 5 - Abnormal Condition; 6 - Serious Disorders State
Auric Analysis
An aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds every living being and is manifested in the physical field by electrically charged objects that represent themselves as different colors that surround the body. This electromagnetic field can provide information regarding a person’s emotional state, the quality of consciousness and will determine the level of health regarding an individual organ and organ systems.
Bioplasm Software
Bioplasm Software

Minimum Computer System Requirements

  • CD Rom Drive (if you do not have a CD Rom drive, we can provide l link where you can download the software).

  • Any version of windows from windows XP to the latest version of windows).

  • Will NOT operate on Mac computers.

  • Minimum 1Gb Hard Drive Space

  • USB Port

  • 250Mb RAM Memory

  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768. Any resolution higher than this is ok, although it is recommended that the resolution is set to a 5:4 ratio.

Installation Instructions

To correctly install your 9D NLS system onto your computer, it is essential for you to follow the step by step instructions in the order shown below. Failure to do so will result in problems in getting the system to work.
Step 1 - Software and Driver Installation

Insert the Software CD into your computer's CD-Rom drive, and install the software onto your PC.

Step 2 - Hardware Assembly and Installation
1. Make sure the power button on the back of the 3D-NLS is switched off (O pressed in and I sticking out).
2. Plug the headphones into the rear of the 3D-NLS unit into the socket shown below.
3D-NLS Headphones 
3D-NLS Headphones Socket
3. Plug the Item Cup into the slot on the back of the 3D-NLS unit as shown below.
 3D-NLS Item Cup Port

4. Connect the USB lead to the back of the 3D-NLS unit and then connect the other end to a spare USB port on your computer.

USB Cable in Package  3D-NLS USB Port 

5. Turn on the 3D-NLS unit using the switch on the back as shown below (I pushed in and O pointing out).


6. Wait until your computer has installed the drivers for the 3D-NLS unit. You are now ready to begin to use the system. 

Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
Case Size: 15.7 x 10.2 x 4.3 / 40 x 26 x 11 108.3 / 3070

Note: The 9D NLS unit comes with a 3 year warranty, whereas the accessories have a 3 month warranty. 

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Solvie M.

Better than the 3D NLS

I used to use the 3D NLS. I then purchased this unit and found that it takes a lot less time to do the analysis when compared to the 3D NLS unit. I have used it a lot and I highly recommend it.

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