Altair Stellar Star Light Essence Remedy

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Masculine - Alpha Aquila

The star of ‘Righteousness’ brings the energy of the Divine word & law. The essenceStar Map Location for Altair for washing away the ‘mud’ of accumulated wrong doings. Hard hitting but fair, this essence forms the Divine light of ‘correct & righteous’ action. Beneficial for those who are incensed by a sense of injustice, those who feel they must “set the world straight” and bring everything into order. Assists to bring a sense of correcting what can be corrected and not being bothered by the rest.

Physical Element Mental Soul Spiritual Chakras
Migraines - Coughing - Nausea - Constipation - Asthma - Bones. Wood. Clarity - Peace - Beliefs - Plans. Journey - Karma. Universal Law - Service - Purpose - Counsel. Throat.

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