Archangel Gabriel Statue

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Archangel Gabriel

Humanity, Birth and Dreams

Archangel Gabriel means ‘God is my Strength’. Archangel Gabriel is recognized in the teachings of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

In Islam, Gabriel is the angel who delivers the Koran to Muhammad; in Judaism Gabriel announces the birth of St. John the Baptist. In Christianity, Gabriel is the messenger who announces to Mary that she will be the mother of Christ.

Later, it is Gabriel who also appears to give strength and hope to Christ prior to his Crucifixion. A popular figure in art, Gabriel is often depicted with a trumpet, heralding to each worthy soul the good news of their ascension to heaven and their ultimate union with God.

Often depicted sitting at the left hand of God as a majestic, richly attired figure sometimes wearing a crown and bearing a scepter. Gabriel is the angel of incarnation, conception, birth and dreams.

The lily is the emblem of Gabriel, symbolizing conception, and it is Gabriel who is charged with instructing human souls for the nine months before they enter the world of humankind.

Comes supplied in a lovely gift box.

Material Color Dimension (cm) Weight (g)
Resin Stone Ivory Height: 13 cm; Width: 8 cm 365

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