BALANCE STRENGTH & HARMONY - Diamond Essence & Sandalwood Oil

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Diamond Essence & Sandalwood Oil

The "Harmony" essence oil removes blockages and is a master healer on all levels. It cleanses, clarifies & improves memory functions, whilst purifying & bringing support. "Harmony" is a beautiful blend to bring all of your Chakras (energy centres) into alignment. This oil will assist you to see & understand a wider picture of the upsets in your life; assisting you to continue developing whilst allowing you to release situations that previously bound you or held you back. Solidly centering, this blend brings you back to earth & gives a boost in your energy levels. This oil will give you strength to cope and assist with the manifestation process. "Harmony" allows your dreams and plans to become focused, enabling you to begin creating. This oil gives you a sparkle, strength, positive energy & a sense of spiritual ecstasy. "Harmony" is a beautiful oil for men.

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Linda B.

Very effective

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