Bamboo Flutes (2 Flutes in the One Package)

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Bamboo flutes have many symbolic and religious meanings associated with them. Historically, bamboo flutes were used to report peace and good news, and therefore, by association, its presence brings peace, safety, and stability to a home, office, or business.

With its hollow, segmented interior, a bamboo flute symbolically lifts house ch'i, section by section. If two flutes with red ribbons tied around them are hung on an exposed beam, slanting toward each other, thereby creating a partial bagua (octagonal) formation, they can pump ch'i upward from segment to segment and moderate the oppressive effect of the beam, allowing ch'i to penetrate it.

Flutes are also protective - hang them over your front door to symbolise security. They symbolize swords and are hung in homes, restaurants, and stores to drive away evil spirits and would-be robbers. They also have ritual uses. When played, a flute strengthens weak home ch'i and generically boosts morale. When shaken, it drives away bad spirits.

Bamboo flutes represent strength and support in any situation, even for wealth - hang near the cash register.

Material Length (in/cm) Weight (lbs/g)
Bamboo 12.59"/32 cm 0.220/100
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John W.

Attractive flutes that appear to be well made. I'm hoping they bring good 'feng shui' to my new home.

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