Blessings Oil

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"Space clearing, spiritual development, INSPIRATION and INSIGHT"

Blessings oil is a combination of Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot Oil as well as the Sugilite and Diamond Gem Essences. Burn or mist Blessings Oil to space clear in any environment and provide a clear energy to work or be in. The cedarwood cuts through negative energies, clearing and cleansing whilst the Ylang Ylang descends in an opulent blanket of nurturing, sensuality and compassion. Sugilite and Diamond brings with it the blessings of the Gods, raising consciousness and awakening the soul.

Fun, playfulness, this blend enhances clairvoyant skills and clarifies thoughts. Thus producing spiritual insights, calming the entire system and developing a sense of deep love for yourself and others around you. Perfect for those needing a boost in their sense of self worth or for those overly critical of others to allow them to see the beauty and love in all. Healing any imbalanced states of emotions, this blend lifts the consciousness and assists in clarifying those elusive thoughts just out of reach and bringing them into your life in a manner you can use them. Allows you to feel comfortable with who you are. Gives greater insight in all areas, improves intuition and clairvoyance. Enhances dreams.

Beautifully presented with an oval gold foil label and deep blue writing, 10 ml bottle, with dripolator.

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