Chung Kwei Amulet for Protection

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Chung Kwei Amulet for Protection

This is a protection amulet coin stamped with the image of Chung Kwei holding his menacing sword. Chung Kwei is famed as an exorcist and is very ominous towards evil spirits. Carry this amulet with you or hang it in the car if you frequently go out at night or during the hungry ghost festival month (which begins on the 15th day of the 7th Lunar month and last for 30 days). Chung Kwei being a feared ghost-catcher will protect you against demons, wandering spirits and intangible influences that don't mean you well.

What Chung Kwei symbolizes and how to use this symbol to enhance your Feng Shui

According to legend, Chung Kwei was a bright scholar from Tung-nan Shan of Shensi Province. He was as famous for his outstanding scholastic abilities as he was for his repulsive and fierce countenance. Chung Kwei who was a great exorcist was given the title "Great Spiritual Chaser of Demons for the Whole Empire” and is also known as ‘Star God of Literature’ for his literary skill. He is frequently used as a protective charm to ward off evil spirits and people with bad intentions, especially for those involved in businesses with high-value goods. Chung Kwei is also used to enhance one’s educational luck.

Chung Kwei is best displayed near the entrance of your home or office facing out so that he can keep an eye on everyone entering your living space. It will provide potent protection from evil spirits, enemies, robberies and theft. For those in high profile professions, Chung Kwei will help to prevent backstabbing and ill will competitions.

Like any other deities, do not place it on the floor.

Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
Gold Plated Brass Gold 2.5x1.375x0.125, Length 7.5 / 6.4x3.5x0.3, 19 1.2 / 33
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Hazel P.

A great feng shui remedy!

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