Confuse and Defeat Enemy Amulet

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This medal has the double-armed cross called Caravaca Cross, beneath is the infinity symbol cycling along with the runic symbol, Eihwaz, for enlightenment and release.  It is often interpreted as the Satanic Cross, a variation of the alchemical symbol for sulphur (fire and brimstone) or a combination of the Lorraine cross with the infinity symbol.  It was also used by Renaissance alchemists to represent earth and spirit.  In the video game, BloodRayne, the main character (a dhampir, half-human half-vampire) wears this symbol on her hair ribbons and necklace (without the rune), as a representation of her membership in the Brimstone Society.  Made in U.S.A.  Cord included.  Pewter.  

Includes cord. Made in U.S.A.

Material Color Dimension (in) Weight (g)
Pewter Silver-Grey 1" diameter 7

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