Crystal Light Balancing Essences

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Color therapy gem essences, specially formatted for use with the Crystal light balancing workbook, torch and course. Full set of 20 stock strength gem essences designed to create harmony, and improved chi flow through the appropriate meridians, while at the same time releasing discordant vibrations and negative emotional states. A powerful form of vibrational healing. This kit comes complete with two attractive white gloss storage boxes (each layer holds ten bottles) each with delicate blue and white labels inserted with dividers to keep the essences separate. All remedies and their application to each of the meridians is listed in the Crystal light balancing workbook.

A question commonly asked is "Do I need to use the essences to perform a CLB healing?".  Using the essences is not crucial - in that your balancing procedure will still work without the essences, the manufacturers do however recommend that you get a better depth to your healing and the changes are anchored in more strongly, allowing the body to hold this balanced state for a longer time, whilst it becomes accustomed to the changes - therefore making your procedure more effective.

There are many different brands of gem essences all with a varying degree of efficiency, but the best results are usually achieved through application of these specific remedies.

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