Eta Scorpius Stellar Star Light Essence Remedy

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Eta Scorpius

Masculine - Eta Scorpius

The Star of ‘Power & Will’ brings movement to frozen and stuck situations. It promotes strength and assists to push through barriers. Brings balance to over and under exertions of will and governs over the correct use of power. Beneficial for “stubborn” people to soften attitudes and also for those who are afraid to stand up and/or speak up for what they believe in. Eta Scorpius brings balanced communication and good strength of ideas, thoughts and speech.

Star Map Location for Eta Scorpius
Physical Element Mental Soul Spiritual Chakras
Assists with Bruises - Coughing - Constipation - Blurred vision - Flu - Sexual Diseases. Fire and Water. Can assist mental strain by releasing tension. Assists the Soul Journey - Gives protection from Psychic interference. Connection with the Christ principle, Universal Love - Universal Light - Healing and Service. Third eye or Brow.

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