Fragrant Gong Qi Gong DVD - NTSC Format

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Fragrant Gong Qigong is a Buddhist Qi Gong style for improving health and bringing blessings into ones life. This style of Qi Gong is over 2000 years old and was handed down to Master Tian Rui Sheug by Buddhist monk Shi Wu Kong. Master Tian was ill as a child and was approached by Master Shi who helped him get well, and then taught him this form of Buddhist Qi Gong. He practised in private for 50 years and then brought this form of Xiang Gong (fragrant Gong) to the wider Chinese public. At one time there were more than 100 million Xiang Gong practitioners throughout China.

Practice diligently to receive the blessings and health benefits. Enjoy this gentle form of Qi Gong for all ages.

A beautiful form of Qi Gong cultivating spiritual blessings, good health and gentle exercises for all age groups. Many people smell beautiful scents as they cultivate this style of Qi Gong, hence the name. It is truly lovely.

A wonderful course of practice exercises and training for beginners and practitioners alike.


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