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Neutralizes noxious energy fields in the home and workplace

The Geoclense® Home and Workplace Harmonizer is a well-engineered device that produces healthy negative charged resonance to counterbalance the noxious unhealthy positive charged resonance.

Positive charged resonances are usually created by all forms of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation). The Geoclense emits a negative charge frequency which is in harmony with the human biofield, thus neutralizing any electromagnetic stress on the body.

The December 2018 issue of The Lancet stated “A recent evaluation of 2266 studies (including in-vitro and in-vivo studies in human, animal, and plant experimental systems and population studies) found that most studies (n=1546, 68·2%) have demonstrated significant biological or health effects associated with exposure to anthropogenic electromagnetic fields.

About the Negative effects of EMR and other forms of harmful energy emissions

EMR is the generated by-product of electricity traveling through electronic devices. Modern gadgets we use at home and at work, such as 5G, Wi-Fi, digital TV’s, Smart Meters, electrical radiation from appliances, power lines, and fluorescent lighting, all emit harmful anthropogenic electromagnetic fields. Aside from these, we are also exposed to over 30 different types of veritable or measurable negative emissions. All these negative emissions, affect humans and living things, which include the Earth’s radiation, Bioplasmic radiation generated, as well as Solar and Planetary radiation.

Many studies have linked constant exposure to EMR to many health risks, with mild to severe consequences. Mild exposure examples include negative emotions (e.g., fear, and anger), headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Severe examples include cancer, fertility issues, as well as developmental problems in babies.

Geoclense® has dedicated 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology consultancy and research experience. The focus is on emotional well-being, and the long-term physical health from the negative effects of radiation and harmful energy emissions.

  • Testing has found that it works in all structures from small homes to large buildings.
  • Protects the inside of the physical building as well as the grounds surrounding the building.
  • There is no limit to the size of the property. You can be in a small flat or a large farm with hundreds of hectares of land and it will all be fully protected.
  • Plug it into ANY power point in your home (does not need to be centrally located).

The Geoclense® Smart Crystal Technology 

Some skeptics regard the geoclense as just a piece of plastic with electrical pins sticking out of it, and expect to see an electronic circuit of some kind with a glowing LED when it is plugged in, but it is something way more than this. The plastic is in fact a solidified resin which has crystalline properties, which are in turn programmed using a technique only known to the developer. These properties are consequently transferred to all of the electrical wiring and appliances in your property protecting you and your family from negatively impacting energies.

"The geoclense has evolved to being much more than a powerful radiation harmonizer. Over the years, there have been so many programs added to deal with negative energy imprints, and things that you are often not aware of affecting your psyche, mood and ultimately your long term health. The Geoclense is a must have for every family." Gerard Bini, Developer of the Geoclense®

How the Geoclense Works?

The Geoclense® is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution that uses the wiring in buildings as its antenna to create a harmonized circuit. It works by using frequencies, found within your building and in nature. Through harnessing these energies, the Geoclense® neutralizes noxious EMR fields and harmonizes any noxious energy emitted from appliances connected to the harmonized circuit. Even though the power point is live with electricity, the Geoclense® does not consume any electricity. It is simple touching the live wiring passing its properties along to achieve harmonization. The Geoclense is completely safe to use.

The Geoclense® has an effective range, harmonizing boundaries of the smallest or largest properties. This means not only is your home protected but your property grounds are as well! EMR which is found in the home’s circuit is one of the major contributors to the deterioration of the natural earth magnetic grids such as Ley Lines, Benker Grids and Water Veins. The Geoclense® also works in harmonizing you, your building, and surroundings by reducing the negative impacts of geopathic stress.

Depending on your sensitivity to energies, you will immediately feel lighter and clearer. Others who are less sensitive may notice that their home or office environment feels happier and healthier over time, or after several days they will notice that they are sleeping incredibly well for the first time in a while.

Benefits of Geoclense® for your Home

Safe and ideal for small to large homes. 

  • Reduction of geopathic stress along your home and surrounding property grounds
  • Promotes better sleep quality 
  • Combats emotional and illness imprints 
  • Reduces trouble sleeping and bad dreams
  • Boosts mood and increases physical energy 
  • Reduces headache, migraine attacks, vertigo or dizziness.
  • Reduces noxious resonance from mold and fungus found in the home
  • Protection from negative impacts of 5G radiation 
  • Prevents muscle and joint pain and facial rashes caused by electro-hypersensitivity

Benefits of Geoclense® for your WorkplaceOEA Logo

Helps to create a comfortable and stress free workplace. 

  • Reduces Sick Building Syndrome
  • Reduces animosity amongst workers
  • Protection from negative psychic attacks and impressions created by business competitors
  • Combats headaches and fatigue
  • Improves concentration and focus to perform work and tasks 
  • Reduces lethargy in the workplace 
  • Combats negative emotional energies of depression, anxiety and anger

Clinically tested and proven for Effectiveness 

Pioneered by Gerard Bini, the Geoclense was developed, and then tested extensively by professional geomancers and EMF consultants over many years. The Geoclense® has been accredited by health professionals worldwide including Kinesiologists, Naturopaths, Bioresonance Practitioners and Chiropractors. All of these professions have performed tests on the Geoclense to assess its affectiveness, using methods such as Kinesiology, Bioresonance, Lecher Antenna and Biotensor testing. The Geoclense® has shown to have out-performed many of its competitive devices on the market, which were considered to show only a placebo effect up to 30% effectiveness in most cases. Tests show that the Geoclense® stands out in handling the three main forms of geopathic stress and in reducing the negative imprints by 100% from the surroundings.

''Following is a good example of the Geoclense® being so effective. Daniel was recently holidaying at an 11-story apartment building which had four mobile phone panels on its roof - the equivalent of staying in a dedicated Mobile Phone Tower. The presence of the phone panels virtually made the building uninhabitable due to extremely noxious Electromagnetic energies created by the phone panels. On arrival, he immediately plugged the Geoclense in to his room. Within seconds, the Electromagnetic and Earth Magnetic Radiation from the Benker grids were cleared. Even though they were still there, he could no longer feel them stressing the body. The whole building and surrounding area was harmonized" Gerard Bini, Developer of the Geoclense''

Are you 5G ready? 

Both the Stellar Dome and the Geoclense will harmonize 5G microwave radiation, rendering it safe for the human body. You can read the real facts about 5G radiation in this article by Gerard Bini, the developer.

A vast 5G infrastructure is now being rolled out and ready to go. Protect yourself and your family with the Geoclense®. Both the Stellar Dome and the Geoclense will harmonize 5G microwave radiation, rendering it safe to the human body. 

In the following video, a kinesiologist conducts testing in the suburb of Dickson, Canberra, Australia, where 5G is operating, on the effects of 5G on the human body, and tests the effectiveness of the Stellar Dome™ to protect against 5G.  …..And it’s a resounding “YES”, the Stellar Dome™ and Geoclense® provides 100% protection against 5G.

    The ultimate geomancy harmonizer which will harmonize ALL forms of harmful noxious energy emissions, including;

    The Geoclense harmonizes all Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Radiation in buildings including ALL the following;

    Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) produced by…

    • Digital TVs
    • Smart Meters
    • Baby Monitors
    • Bluetooth Devices
    • Microwave Ovens
    • Laptops and Tablets
    • Fluorescent Lighting
    • Electrical Appliances
    • Mobile Phone Towers and G5 Radiation
    • High Voltage Power Lines
    • Wi-Fi Routers and Modems
    • Cordless and Mobile Phones
    • Artificial Heating and Cooling
    • Noxious Resonance from Mold and Fungus

    Read what the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) says about how EMF and RF frequencies effect our health.

    Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress) produced by…

    • Seismic Fault Lines
    • Underground Water Veins
    • Drinking water, sewer, storm and gray water pipes
    • Radioactive Geological Matter (For example Uranium and Coal)
    • Hartman, Curry, Benker and 400-meter Earth Magnetic Grid Lines

    Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated) imprinting produced by…

    • Juvenile emotional stress
    • Illnesses and diseased organs
    • Death imprints and ”Paranormal” Activity
    • Previous occupants’ emotional distress
    • Negative psychic impressions and Psychic attacks

    Solar and Planetary Radiation imprinting produced by…


    1. To activate, plug the Geoclense® into any power point in your home or office.
    2. Ensure that the electrical wall socket power is switched on (Note that there is no switch or LED located on the Geoclense® device)
    Orgone Geoclense Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (lbs/g)
    Light Green 3.6x2x0.68 / 9x5x1.7 0.19 / 88


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    Greg J.
    Really good

    My new geoclense really is very effective!

    Gerard S.
    Very Happy ...

    I just got my wall plug today. I put it in the laundry, the only free plug in the house. I know it sounds premature but the whole energy in the house has changed. I’m more energetic, everyone is in a good mood, the environment is calm, content, peaceful. It’s weird. Good weird. Thank you.


    The Geoclense is amazing! I've had it for two days and want to take it with me when I walk out of the house! The aggravation in my body is gone. I’m not feeling that intense anger, inflamed, scratchy feeling in my body. Thank you for making and selling your products, for gifting the world with your knowledge. Much gratitude.

    D T.

    Great product! I would definitely recommend. I am buying some for my children's homes. Since plugging it in, I have felt much calmer and now sleep much deeper!

    Silvia f.

    I am not sure but we definitely sleep better.. Delivery was very fast and I sm anyway happy I bought this product. I can reccomend.

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