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Strengthen your Wrist and Forearm ..... using the amazing Gyroscopic Energy Ball

Energy Ball (AKA Powerball) is an incredibly unique training device or gadget which can be used in many sports including golf, tennis, badminton, squash, cricket, baseball, boxing, archery, hockey, martial arts, mountain biking, playing musical instruments and many many more sports and activities, anything at all involving the use of wrists arms shoulders and fingers.

  • Add POWER to your tennis serve
  • Extra POWER in badminton for flicking that wrist
  • Add POWER to your hockey shots
  • Build stamina and strength for cycling and for rowing
  • Build stamina in fingers for playing musical instruments
  • Build amazing strength for so many more sports and activities.....

Through using the Energy Ball on a regular basis, you are able to strengthen your wrist muscles significantly, to enhance your sporting or musical skills. Whether you are a drummer requiring additional strength in your wrists, or a tennis player that needs to improve the spin on your serve, the Energy Ball is for you.

The Energy Ball Gyro is around the size of a tennis ball, but through spinning the internal gyroscope up to 15,000 RPM you are generating an incredible 40lbs of torque subjecting your whole arm to a completely dynamic workout.

How it works (Instructions)

Gyroscope inside the ball spins
The gyroscope inside the ball spins in one direction, while you move it in a circular motion perpendicular to the spinning motion.
Inside the outer shell of the ball, is a perfectly balanced gyroscope. The inner rotor (gyroscope) is set in motion using the starter cord provided. The Energy Ball is then held in the hand with the gyroscope pointing towards the floor. Spinning at (approx) 2,500 RPM the user will already feel the gyroscopic forces kick in. It is now up to the user to increase the speed of the rotor by making rotational movements with their wrist, keeping in synch with the spinning speed of the ball. The faster you spin, the more demanding it becomes. This finely balanced gyroscope will when pushed to its peak spin at speeds in excess of 15,000 RPM, making it one of the fastest non-motorised devices available.

So whether you want to add yards to your golf drive, power to your tennis serve or simply to build your forearms, why not try a Gyroscopic Energy Ball.

Energy Ball for Golf

How would you like to add 30 yards or more to your Golf Drive? You've got the latest titanium driver, you've found the right golf ball which gives you maximum distance, whilst retaining that all important control. So what's next? It's time to take a closer look to home - at yourself. It's only natural that the stronger you are, the further you are going to be able to hit that golf ball. You can't be bothered going to the gym to build muscle as maybe you find it all a bit boring. That's where Energy Ball comes in, you will build muscles in your arms that you never knew you had. The best bit about it is you can use it anywhere, in the house (watching TV), in work, before you tee off, anywhere at all. Even if you do go to the gym to work out, you can be sure the Energy Ball will exercise your wrists, arms, shoulders and fingers in a way that you have never experienced before.

Have a look at Karl Woodward on the right there. Karl is a Pro Golfer on the Senior Tour and has used Energy Ball to help him achieve a Guinness World Record Golf Drive of 408 yards (all carry!!!) In addition to this Karl has also stepped up to the 18th at Crondon Golf Club, the 860 yard 'Crondon Crunch', with a left to right breeze blowing. Where was Karl after two (very long) shots? No, he wasn't on the green, he had ran through the back and was chipping his third - back the way! Now we can't guarantee that you too will be smacking the ball over the 400 yard mark but we firmly believe that using Energy Ball for just 5 minutes a day will add at least 30 yards to your golf drive. Use it longer than that and who knows, 50....60 yards. It's not called a Energy Ball for nothing you know.

Karl Woodward
Karl Woodward
Guinness Golf Drive World Record Holder

Instructions on how to use the Energy Ball

Locate the hole in the green Insert the end of the starter Place your thumb on the string
1. Locate the hole in the green gyroscope 2. Insert the end of the starter string into the hole 3. Place your thumb on the string and rotate the gyroscope, ensuring that the end of the string stays in the hole, and that the string is wound into the allocated groove.
 just a few inches of string remaining Hold the ball in your hand Turn the ball over
4. When there are just a few inches of string remaining ....... 5. Hold the ball in your hand and pull the string hard. 6. Turn the ball over with the green gyroscope pointing towards the floor, ensuring that your fingers do not touch the green ball, and move the ball in a gentle circular motion, feeling to force of the ball as the speed increases.

Still confused? Then use the following video as a guide;


Dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis and Golfers Elbow, RSI and WRULD Issues

Have a listen to what one chiropractor says about Energy Ball .....

"Energy Ball has been a powerful tool for upper limb rehabilitation since we started using it in the clinic earlier this year. I first came across a similar gyroscope 8 years ago as it was being demonstrated by a US chiropractor, Kevin Hearon DC CCEP of Extremity Seminars as an excellent tool for strengthening the wrist, but could never get hold of any in this country. I eventually found a Energy Ball in the Science Museum about 2 years ago and found the added integral computer to be an excellent means of monitoring one's progress. The balanced rotor in this version also meant that there was no vibration - the results were totally non impact and therefore more suited to our patients requirement than the previous model we had seen.

It has already been particularly helpful in cases of carpal tunnel syndrome(CTS), tennis and golfers elbow, repetitive strain injury(RSI) / work related upper limb disorder(WRULD) and has even been pivotal in stabilizing an unstable sterno-clavicular joint problem.

Its unique action causes a sustained contraction of the whole upper limb musculature in a clever way. Its centrifugal force results in a circular motion which allows contraction concentrically (shortening) and eccentrically (lengthening) in a sinusoidal fashion as the wrist flexors and extensors respond to its movement. This effect alone allows improvements in muscle activity around the fingers, hand, wrist and elbow, whilst upper arm and shoulder girdle muscles support the elbow in one position. By then changing the position of the elbow from 90 degrees flexion towards extension, one can then vary the position of the shoulder in varying degrees of flexion, extension, abduction etc. to effect the shoulder girdle and rotator cuff muscles' activity in a similar fashion. In this way, different muscle groups can be exercised depending on the position of the arm in relation to the rest of the body.

With regular use, this helps to break down myofascial adhesions, improving muscle function and thus reducing strain on tendons and their attachments. By normalising muscular activity this aids to equilibrate opposing movements at each joint, thus reducing tensile stresses on the holding ligaments of these joints, allowing them to heal properly. All these actions result in a lessening of reactive inflammation ie swelling and hence a reduction in pain."

Rowen Simpson BSc(Chiro) DC MCC, Chiropractor

Material Color Dimension (in/cm) Weight (oz/g)
Hard Plastic Green and Blue Diameter: 2.7/7.0 9.0 / 254
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Mark W.
Very Happy ...

Works very well in strengthening my wrist.

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