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Hack SacksGenuine Handwoven Quality Footbags - Multi Colored and Hand Made in Guatamala. You will get hours of fun out of these Hacky Sacks, and they will not tear or leak like the cheaper ones available.
Hacky sacks have become a mainstream sporting novelty around the world. On beaches, college campuses and in your local park, it is common to see a group of people in a circle kicking around a colorful hacky sack ball.
How it all Begun
Hacky sacks were invented 1972 by Mike Marshall. Starting from a hand made small bean bag, a colleague of Mike's, John Stalberger observed Mike kicking the sack around, and it was John's belief that the sack could benefit his football injured knee. Mike and John created a game which they called Hack the Sack, where the rules were the ball had to be kicked back and forth between each other without it hitting the floor.
Seeing the fun and potential of this new game, John and Mike trademarked the name Hacky Sack, and the ball grew as an overnight sensation across the United States. Even though Mike died suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 28 in 1975, John kept moving forward with the idea, and eventually formed the National Hacky Sack Association where the rules of the game became official. In 1983, John sold the rights to Hacky Sack to Wham-O and the poularity of the sport eventually exploded.
Footbag evolved from the rules of Hacky Sack and it makes use of a 5 foot high net. There are elements in the game of volleyball, tennis and badmington making it a fun game to some, and a serious sport (governed by the International Footbag Committee) to others. 
Hacky Sack Circle Demonstration
The Rules of Hacky Sack
  1. No Hands (except when serving), No Arms - Shoulders are technically allowed and are widely accepted among the average hack circle.
  2. Always serve the bag to someone else, unless of course you are alone. Footbag is traditionally a game of courtesy, hence "The Courtesy Toss": a light lob usually toward the receivers knee.
  3. Don't bogart that bag. - Don't always hog it 'till you drop it because that sucks for everybody else. Being able to pass well is important to almost all footbag games.
  4. Don't say "sorry". Everyone makes mistakes, especially when learning, so sorries are unneccissary.
  5. Try not to give knee passes Passes from the knee tend to go strait to the ground.
  6. Don't play past .09 (blood-alcohol level) - You will only get frustrated, and you might loose the Bag. It is also next to impossible to play with a drink in your hands.
As players of Hacky Sack attempt to keep the ball off the ground by using their knees and feet, certain competitions are held to see who can do so the best. The world record holder for consecutive “kicks,” kicked the sack 63,326 in eight hours, fifty minutes and forty two seconds on June 14, 1997.
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Good Quality

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