Jade Double Happiness Hanging For Marriage Luck

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This is a tassel featuring a jade bead carved into an the Chinese Double Happiness symbol. It is embellished with a mystic knot, decorative beads and a couple of jade leaves strung on Chinese silk cording.

The Double Happiness symbol, composed of two Chinese characters for “happiness” arranged side by side, is another time-honoured symbol of marriage and conjugal happiness and reputed to be the most famous and powerful at it. If you look carefully, the two characters are linked together by two lines, which signify the inseparable bond between the lovers. The Double Happiness symbol is a talisman used in Feng Shui to enhance spiritual and physical love between two people; ideal for men or women searching for love, already in love or maintaining a steady relationships or marriage.

The Double Happiness Symbol will help you if you are looking for a romantic partnership or wanting your romance to become more serious. It would keep third party at bay and smoothen the path of romance. For couples who have been married for a long time, the Double Happiness symbol helps to renew their passion and love for each other.

Carry it along with you everywhere you go in your bag. Tie or hang this Jade Double Happiness Hanging anywhere you like for instance your briefcase, mobile phone, handbag or your rear-view mirror of your car. Good romance and marriage luck will manifest. It will turn futile flirting into something tangible.

Mandarin Ducks are also used in Feng Shui to enhance one's marriage or love life.

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Matt S.

Very happy with my purchase.

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