Large Color Therapy Wall Chart

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A useful reference for those interested in chromotherapy, or for the wall of the color therapist practice. Also useful as a reference tool for students.

Available in 2 sizes, the charts discuss each of the colors in terms of;

  • healing properties
  • relationship with each of the chakras
  • attributes
  • physical effects
  • distribution
  • best and worst applications
  • special effects

The chakra system is discussed as well as the human aura. A range of common ailments in the human body are also shown and the associated therapeutic colors indicated.

There is also a color wheel which can be used to reveal certain aspects about your personality. The second color wheel shown on the chart helps in selecting the right color for each of the different seasons.

Color Therapy Chart Dimensions

Large Color Chart 13 x 19 3/16" (336 x 486 mm)

The chart is plastic laminated for additional protection.

Note: The reverse side of the large color therapy chart is blank.

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