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Note: We no longer have the Life Frequencies Pro software available. The new recommended replacement software is Sirius which you can view by clicking here.


  • Licence to run Life Frequencies Pro Software on ONE computer. Once you have purchased the licence, we will provide a link to you where you can download the latest version of the program directly to your computer. You can then install it and then use the licence number that we provide to you to activate it. The licence is permanent. Note: This offer is for Life Frequencies Pro X7 and NOT the very latest release of version X8. We will not issue a refund once a license has been purchased and activated.

Note: The developers of this software recommend delivering the frequencies using speakers, something we at Natures Energies disagree with. We recommend using this software in conjunction with the Photon Sound Beam Complete to effectively deliver frequencies into the body. 

Why cant we just use speakers to deliver frequencies into the body?

Using speakers to deliver the frequencies is ineffective, and when it comes to bodily organs, only the lower frequencies are going to get there with higher frequencies being absorbed by the skin.

Turn some music on and after a few seconds, then cover your ears with your hands and what do you hear? With a few centimeters of flesh cover your ears you only hear the lower sound frequencies (deeper bass musical notes), and no high frequencies (high treble notes) get through. In this experiment the sound is started in an air medium, and it is then travelling to another medium of greater density, that is your hand. How sound behaves in travelling from one medium to another is explained in a well written article titled The Obstruction of Sound. In that article it explains that the lower frequencies (which are larger than your body) pass through your hand but the higher frequencies (smaller than your body) are in fact absorbed and converted into heat on the surface of your hand (even though they do not produce a noticeable warming effect). In addition to this, because the ratio of acoustic characteristic impedance of air to that of water is about 1/3600, only a little energy generated by an airborne source could transmit into your body (click here for more explanation). We therefore have a problem when trying to direct frequencies into the body using speakers alone as we are going from one medium and into another. Some Rife software manufacturers are wrong in suggesting that we can use speakers alone, as the physics simply does not work.

To get results using this software, it is recommended that you use the headphones port on the computer to link the sound output to the Photon Sound Beam Complete (using the Aux function).

Life Frequencies Pro 3 is the ultimate Frequency Therapy system available. It's an accumulation of years of research and is the successor to our award-winning Life Frequencies Professional software.

  • 2133 Fast Rife Presets - 2 mouse clicks and you're up and running
  • Three separate Rife Machine Systems
  • Structure water and oils and make your own homeopathic remedies
  • A complete TBSW System for pain relief, stress, insomnia and more...
  • A Sweep Generator for finding new frequencies
  • Chakra Alignment system for keeping your life energy in balance
  • Ancient Tones section - special frequencies and waveforms used for healing througout history
  • A complete Client / Patient Database
  • Make Audio Prescriptions™ - record your sessions to OGG files for use on iOS and Android devices
  • Export to WAV files in Manual Rife and TBSW PRO for making CDs
  • Easy for anyone to use - extensive help and online videos to get you started
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Rife Machine Sections of Life Frequencies Pro 3

Life Frequencies Pro 3 has the most extensive Rife Machine system available. It's easy for anyone to use. Until we released this technology, Rife Machines were very difficult to use, because they had to be programmed and required routine maintenance.

It includes :

  • Rife Pro X7 - With 2133 Easy Presets for just about any health problem you can imagine.
  • Manual Rife / Structuring - Enter any frequencies you like and structure water and oils for making homeopathic remedies.
  • Auto Rife - The easiest Rife Machine ever, yet powerful!
  • Sweep / Step Frequency Generator - Helps find NEW healing frequencies.

About Rife Pro X7

Rife Pro X7 is an advanced, powerful, easy to use Rife Machine. It has capabilities that no other Rife Machines have. It helps people get rid of REAL life-threatening problems, every single day.

Rife Pro X4

In the modern world, we have new health problems that simply cannot be eliminated with old technology. You can choose from 2133 Fast Presets, for almost any possible health problem you may encounter.

You get better results, faster. It has knocked out Lyme Disease in as little as two 40 minute sessions. Yeah - it's that good.

If you care about the technical aspects, read the stuff in blue. If not - skip it. You don't need to know it, because anyone slightly smarter than a chimpanzee can run Life Frequencies Pro - even if you're still dragging your knuckles a little bit.

Rife Pro X7 Technical :

  • 2133 Fast Presets - two mouse clicks and you're running
  • Run up to 20 frequencies at the same time (no other Rife Machines can do it)
  • Chain up to 5 Fast Presets - set individual times for each chain
  • Run Sine or Square waves
  • Built in timers - set it and forget it
  • Built in frequency displays
  • Send frequencies to Manual Rife Section for making remedies
  • Save an unlimited number of your own presets
  • Record your sessions to audio files (Audio Prescriptions™)

About Audio Prescriptions.

Say you have a patient, relative or friend with a health issue and all they have is an iPhone or Android tablet. Simply record the Preset session and the OGG file can be emailed to someone and run on ANY computer, smart phone or tablet, using free OGG player apps available in the App stores (Note* On Android devices, no player App is required, because OGG files are the native audio file format for Android devices).

About Manual Rife and Structuring for Making Homeopathic Remedies

The Manual Rife / Structuring section of Life Frequencies Pro 3, is where you can input and modify your own frequencies. You can structure water and oils and make your own remedies using the presets or your own frequencies.

Manual Rife and Structuring Water

There may come a time when you want to do more with frequencies. The Manual / Structuring section of the program does just that.

Structuring is really easy to do! Simply click a button and run the frequencies through headphones or speakers into a container for 40 to 60 minutes and that’s all there is to it. The special algorithms in the program do all of the work.

Structuring allows you to easily create homeopathic remedies using water and oils.

Use Structuring For :

  • Pain relief remedies and illness
  • Detox for chem-trails, liver or general detox
  • Formulas for Addiction
  • Other things from the Frequency Presets or your own frequency sets

Manual Structuring Section Technical :

  • Single Timed Mode - Run single frequencies and set single times for each
  • Multi-Timed Mode - Run up to 20 frequencies at the same time on a timer
  • Multi-Continuous Mode - Run up to 20 frequencies at the same time continuously
  • Structure water and oils with preset or your own frequencies to make remedies
  • Run Sine or Square waves
  • Built in timers
  • Built in frequency display
  • Save an unlimited number of your own presets
  • Import frequencies from Rife Pro X7 or the Sweep Frequency Generator
  • Record your sessions to audio files (Audio Prescriptions™)

About Auto Rife

Auto Rife is a powerful Rife Machine for quick access. It's great for beginners and has all of the power of Rife Pro X7.

Auto Rife


Auto Rife is the easiest Rife Machine to use - anywhere! We’ve taken 21 common problems, made powerful Rife Pro X7 chained presets and made them so you select a preset and click Start.

We’ve even set the levels and times. Anyone that can click in a selection box with a mouse and click Start can use Auto Rife.

The goal for making Auto Rife, was to make it very easy for even the beginner level computer user to start using Rife Technology.

Auto Rife completely automates everything!

TBSW PRO - The Best Solution for Pain Relief and Theta Healing

TBSW stands for Trilateral Balanced Sine Waves. This new generation of healing, has become the powerful alternative to binaural beats.



Since it's release in 2008, TBSW technology can now be found in doctor's offices and hospitals around the globe.

TBSW Basics :

You've probably known or heard of someone having a car accident and not feeling a thing, even though they might have been pretty banged up. This is because the brain releases powerful pain relieving endorphins into the body during a trauma.

TBSW waves allow you to safely control these endorphins to get rid of pain naturally, by using special frequencies and waveforms. All you need to do is put headphones on your ears and run the frequencies.

TBSW does a lot more than get rid of pain. It can be used for addictions, insomnia, stress relief, weight loss, theta healing and more. TBSW enhances Binaural Beats and adds new dimensions. It's easy to use and has all of the tools you need to take healing and recovery to new levels.

There are 21 pre-programmed TBSW Presets in TBSW Pro. To run the presets, simply set the preset kind, background sound, time and click the Start button. And of course, you can enter your own frequencies as you become more experienced.

Built-In TBSW Presets

  • General Pain
  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Headache Pain
  • Migraines
  • Rife Pain Set
  • Rejuvenation
  • Relax
  • Stress Relief
  • Lose Weight
  • Energy Boost
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Alzheimer's
  • Tremors
  • Healing (General)
  • Sleep
  • Deep Sleep
  • Dream Sleep
  • Intuition
  • Psychic Enhancement
  • Shamanic Frequency Set
  • Mind Expansion

For Chiropractors, Doctors, Dentists and Physical Therapists, you can run one of the Pain Presets during or at the end of your session. It will leave you with very happy patients. Don't get left behind on this powerful technology!

TBSW Pro :

  • Quickly get natural, safe, powerful pain relief - without side effects or addictions.
  • Deal with headaches and migraines within minutes.
  • #1 in the world for Theta Healing.
  • Use it for insomnia, stress relief and hundreds of other problems.
  • Record and give TBSW files to patients / clients that can be played on any computer or tablet, including iPhones, Macs, and Android Smart Phones.
  • Record WAV files for making CDs.
  • Select soothing background sounds for your TBSW sessions.
  • Immediate access to hundreds of brainwave frequencies that you can use in Single or Dual manual modes, for your own experiments.
  • SCALAR WAVES and Dual Mode for even more power, intention experiments and more.

About Chakra Tools

Chakras have been around since early recorded history. Since quantum physics has come into play lately, they are finally being seriously used in the western world - even by conventional medical practitioners.

Chakra Tools recharges the body like a battery charger. It does so by resonating the known Chakra frequencies, which causes them to balance and align. When they're balanced, the body is resistant to health problems, phobias, addictions and more.

This may sound strange to some of us in the west, but there are many people that use nothing except Chakra healing that live well over 100 years of age. This can easily be seen with Tibetan monks and other cultures.


Chakra Balancing


Chakra Tools in Life Frequencies Pro 3:

  • Has three modes of operation. You can time the frequencies individually, run them all at once on a timer, or run them all at once continuously.
  • You can choose from nine main Chakras to work with. Select individual Chakras, or any combination you like.
  • Has a button that allows you to instantly access all of the information about Chakras and health / mental problems that occur when they are out of balance.
  • Select from several soothing background sounds while running Chakra sessions.
  • Record and give Chakra session audio files to patients / clients that can be played on any computer or tablet, including iPhones, Macs and Android Smart Phones.

About Ancient Tones

For thousands of years there have been special frequencies used for healing work. Life Frequencies Pro 3 gives you the ability to use these special waveforms and frequencies to enhance your life.

These special healing frequencies have been highly effective and documented in different cultures around the world.

Ancient Tones

Ancient Tones encapsulates the most known, used and effective waveforms and frequencies used for millennia. Running these special frequencies in the background of a room can work wonders.

A normal frequency generator cannot generate these frequencies and waveforms correctly. Special processing is done by Life Frequencies Pro 3, to make them effective.

 Ancient Tones :

  • Has three modes of operation. You can time the frequencies individually, run them all at once on a timer or run them all at once continuously.
  • You can choose from eight special frequencies and waveforms for healing to work with. These are from the Bible Code and other cultures.
  • Select from several soothing background sounds while running Ancient Tone sessions.
  • Record and give Ancient Tone session audio files to patients / clients that can be played on any computer or tablet, including iPhones, Macs and Android Smart Phones.

About K-Test

The K-Test section is used for diagnostics using AK. K-Test has no timers and reacts fast. Once you find the frequencies that are right for the person, or yourself, you can run the preset(s) from Rife Machine X7 Pro, or transfer the current frequencies to the Manual Rife section of the program.

Think someone has parasites? Run K-Test on the different parasite frequencies and look for a reaction in the person you're running the frequencies on. It can be used with all of the 2569 presets and health conditions.

K Test

You can choose between a Sine Wave or a Square Wave. Using K-Test, you can quickly find out if a person will have a more positive reaction to presets using either one of the two waveforms.

K-Test is a quick and accurate way to find out what is wrong with someone.

About The Sweep / Step Frequency Generator

The Sweep Generator is used for finding your own healing frequencies.

Sweep Frequency Generator

Holistic practitioners use the Sweep Generator in conjunction with Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to find frequencies. These frequencies can be logged using the Sweep Generator HIT button, transferred to Manual Rife / Structuring and saved to presets.

The Sweep Generator can also be used while observing things under a microscope. If you have a dark field or USB Microscope (like a Celestron Digital LCD Microscope), you can see the results the frequencies have on the organism.

The Sweep / Step Frequency Generator :

  • Smart Sweep - knows the direction to sweep the frequency from your sweep range input.
  • Sweep or step frequencies from seconds to minutes, allowing you to find resonant frequencies for all kinds of things.
  • Sweep Sine or Square waves.

Sweep frequency generators are useful tools for frequency therapy. This one has all of the features of a very expensive lab grade generator.


Since we released the first version of Life Frequencies almost 10 years ago, we've learned quite a bit about how people like to use the programs. Life Frequencies Pro 3 has all of the features that make it easy for anyone to use.

A Client / Patient Database

Life Frequencies Pro 3 has a Client database that’s perfect for health practitioners, families and individuals. It allows you to keep track of symptoms, treatments, progress, medications and results and other information, without leaving the program.

The Client Database is very useful!

You can keep track of :

  • All of the basic client information
  • Symptoms
  • Medications
  • Diagnosis / Prognosis
  • Treatments
  • Results

Built-In Notes

Life Frequencies Pro 3 has its own Notepad, so you can keep track of your experiments, frequencies and more, without ever leaving the program. This is very handy, especially when using the "HIT" button in the Sweep Generator when finding new healing frequencies.

Life Frequencies Pro 3 - Computer System Requirements

  • A PC, laptop or tablet running Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (it will not run on a Mac computer).
  • Dual Core Pentium processor or equivalent (quad core recommended).
  • Headphones and speakers to connect to your sound card on the computer
  • 2 GIG RAM (4 GIG or more of RAM Recommended)
  • Minimum screen resolution 1200 x 768
  • Internet connection is required for one time activation only.

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Happy T.

Hello, I’m a physical therapist and I would like to share my first Life Frequencies research experience, with you with a patient named Bill. Here is a little background to Bill's circumstances and symptoms effected by your program. Approximately fifteen years ago Bill, a retired public servant, was riding a motorcycle in the after noon, when a young girl driving a SUV ran a stop sign and ran Bill down. Bill landed the bike with a few broken ribs they think, but the car behind Bill didn't see Bill go down, as the driver was adjusting his radio and looked away for just a few seconds,he ran over Bill, landing Bill with legs behind his head. His head and face was so swollen the first officer in the scene, who knew Bill, didn't recognize him. The damage was so severe that the doctors are still amazed Bill is alive. As a result of the accident, Bill had a closed head injury, amputated leg, shoulder prosthesis, severe damage to the biracial pl exes, causing chronic and acute medial nerve pain to the left arm and hand, and internal injuries, resulting in, as I generally understand it, Bill's stomach not fully emptying into the bowels, resulting in bloating and backs up, causing septic, toxicity & chronic infection. Having to be catheterized, contributes to a chronic,infection which contributes to the severe infection, every year or two. Bill's last bout with this infection was approximately a month ago. The Dr. has to let the infection get severe before he can give Bill antibiotics. Because of the stress antibiotics are to our body, finally the Doctor said no more antibiotics, no matter what. Bill suddenly had pneumonia within minutes receiving a dose of antibiotics in the emergency room, last month. I'm thinking that may be why no more antibiotics were allowed. They called the family in, Bill is recovering now. Though always in pain and always with infection, I am aware of Bill's day to day pain and discomfort, because I am his Massage Therapist. Bill's Doctor writes Rx. for MT. 3 times a week for pain management. I use cold laser led light, far infra-red healing, MFR, NMT, PNF st reaches, and more with Bill as needed and tolerated. I am quite effective at managing Bill's pain. If we miss a session, the nerve pain becomes acute. Though effective, no matter what I do their are hard days to good days, but never light arm & hand, pain free days. I begin each session with, how's your body today, and Bill describes it in several ways, screaming bad and stabbing, being when Bill calls me to come over stat. Anything else is between that and normal pain. Bill doesn't or didn't expect any less pain than that. I'm sorry for going on so long, but I'm not close to all of the detail of Bill's constant pain and discomfort. I just know without some of the details you won't appreciate the magnitude of the benefit of Life Frequencies to Bill, or how much I / WE appreciate you and your work. This is how the research on the effect of Life Frequencies on Bill with his permission and the permission of his Power of Attorney. In addition to, all continued treatments prescribed by Bill's doctors. It was one of Bill's care giver's “Hurry up - he is in so much pain he could scream, and the very strong pain medicine his doctor prescribes for this pain isn't helping!” calls. I ran the pain frequencies, (sound ) using headphones, on Bill's head at the superior edge of the ears and placed them at the pain sights and potential trigger points for area of Bill's referred pain, while using heat, cold laser, gentle NMT, & MFR. The only thing I did different from any other session, (in which Bill gets considerable pain relief, and management) I used, Life Frequencies. When Bill's pain began to subside and he was relaxing usually I ask Bill to describe the current pain. When we started Bill's left arm, most acute from the forearm through the whole hand, Bill's response was “The only thing I feel is pain in this area of my hand”, pointing from the edge below the pinkie to mid palm. I worked a little longer, continuing prescribed techniques and Life Frequencies. Bill's reply was no pain, just some funny feeling in the same area of hand where the pain was a few minutes ago! After the session, I was in the other room talking with Bill's care giver ,when Bill came rolling in to the room, and spoke words I have never heard from him since the accident, - “No Pain!!” and gently clapped his hands. As of last night's session Bill has sensation, but no pain in left arm and hand. YES!!!!! Thank You! Bill is becoming aware of other areas of pain that he wasn't aware of before. Perhaps do to previous more severe chronic pain. Bill, as well as his family and Power of Attorney have asked me to continue research of the effects of on Bill's symptoms, while continuing 100% of all of doctors care and treatment, as always. I have been taking the program to work with Bill a couple times a week, continuing to research the effects that sound frequencies have on Bill's

Nancy L.

I have been a Lyme / Morgellons sufferer for 2 1/2 years now and endured the initial 4 months assuming I was under a bed bug attack. How this all transpired is irrelevant but to say it came from a guest in my home, at least in part. My neighbor noticed the state of my body, slathered in oil, and asked if I might think of trying Rife therapy. Not knowing what that was, it set me on a course of research and conversations with multiple physicists who make their own version of this machine. Ultimately, the same neighbor directed me to a local Naturopathic Dr. who treated with her own, physical machines. So it has gone for 2 1/2 years during which I "bartered" with her to help in her clinic for free treatments. They were becoming out-of-reach financially with the astounding costs of various treatments and medications I needed to buy. I must emphasize ---- this treatment works on every level, providing people do not expect the "magic bullet" effect, which frankly does not exist anywhere including traditional medicine. I have learned virtually a college equivalent of the impact of pathogens in the body and Morgellons is all about parasites/super-parasites and their 24/7 attack on all levels of the body. There are astronomical advances in micro-biology, many of which do not bode well for human health and once in the body can evade detection by the immune system and for which there is no cure. This is one of the most unique and amazing qualities of the Rife therapy: it is so deep in penetration and its characteristics so "one-off" that medication is dwarfed by its abilities. It only impacts the diseased, weak and pathogenically abundant things destroying the body and I LOVE IT!!! Now, here's the rub: I cannot even begin to afford my own machine and that is on average between $2,500 - $7,000! Then comes a friend who has done her homework as she and her husband need the treatments daily. This brought the Life Frequencies into my life and the quality of my life and speed of healing has so exponentially increased that I cannot even say "thank you" to this company sufficiently. Life Frequencies software has now made it possible for everyone to have their own little "clinic" in their home. I urge everyone to run, not walk, to obtain this. I will be purchasing several licensing packages for my precious friends out there suffering with Morgellons and Lyme, as well.

Michael K. - New York

I have degenerative disk disease and a few torn disks. I have been suffering for over 30 years and pain medications just don't work. I tried TBSW and had instant pain relief. It's a Godsend and anyone with chronic pain should have it!

PathWays F.

We are just starting to work with the technology (which is quite amazing). The thing that has impressed us the most is the quick and faithful response to questions we have. The support system is amazing; when you are using new technology a dependable support system is priceless!

Dr. G. Wilson - PhD, MH, ND

Just to let you know, I've been involved using Rife equipment in research for many, many years. More than I would like to admit. I've owned multiple kinds of equipment and also built my own over the last 30 years. But, I believe if Dr. Rife were here with us today he would be using all available technologies to accomplish his goals, including software. I've found your software extremely easy to use and to obtain results equal to or better than equipment selling for thousands of dollars. I use it almost daily in my practice. I have presently used your software with over 400 individuals. All have positive results, some with unbelievable recoveries."

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