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Kasina Meditation SystemPresenting our most popular brain light and sound meditation system .......

The Kasina DeepVision™ Brain Synchronizer is our most advanced system in our range of mind and sound brain synchronizers to date. The word Kasina is evolved from an ancient meditation technique where one focuses on a visual object to achieve a specific mind state. The Kasina system can be used in much the same way, to achieve positive shifts in ones mood state.

There are many benefits to using the Kasina, some of which are listed below;

  • Use as a meditation aid to achieve deep higher states of consciousness.
  • Use to quieten mind chatter, allowing you to achieve a meditative state.
  • Use as a trainer for better focus and concentration ain your day to day life.
  • Turn negative emotional states into their reflective virtues (e.g., convert anger into a calm peace).
  • Use to facilitate accelerated learning.
  • Achieve a desired mood state.
  • Use it to achieve an audio visual experience to experience the wow factor.

    The Kasina system comes with 70 preset programs, but it also has capacity where you can write your own programs and add them to the unit. If you want to explore beyond the 70 programs, we also have over 30 more sessions available which you can download for free from https://soundcloud.com/mindplace. It really is a flexible easy brain synchronizer system to use, with unlimited potential!

    Kasina Features

    • Kasina is easy to use being a plug and play straight out of the box.
    • Easy to program which is useful for professional therapists.
    • Kasina has its own built in MP3 player allowing you to play your own music in MP3 or WAV format.
    • 255 shades of each color are emitted from each of the LEDs.
    • Features a back lit colored LCD display.
    • Has a built in rechargeable lithium battery, which can be charged by a USB charger.
    • Features the most effective AudioStrobe decoder on the market with 16 different color-mapping presets.
    • Has a color organ feature which allows you to turn any music into a colorful light show.
    • Features 6 different settings to match the mood of your music.
    • The Ganzframes feature 6 colored LEDs for each eye, to assure an outstanding experience as desired.
    • There are aural backgrounds which range in sound from the soothing sounds of nature to ambient electronic tapestries, as well as embedded binaural beats and isochronic pulses, all orchestrated and synchronized to your visual experience. Simply let your mind follow the experience that you select.


    1. To use the Kasina, simply get yourself into a comfortable position, whether that be in a yogic seated position, a normal seated position or by lying down is up to you.
    2. Put the earphones into your ears.
    3. Select either the Ganzfield Frames (which have an appearance like sunglasses with LEDs in them) if you prefer to have your eyes closed, or the DeepVision™ Ganframes (which block ambient light from coming in from the edges) if you prefer to experience your session using open eyes. 
    4. Select one of the 70 programs and you are ready to begin your session - it is that easy.

    Kasina Light Sound Meditation SystemWhats Included in the Box

    • Quickstart Guide
    • Kasina Console - preloaded with 70 sessions
    • Kasina Ganzframes Multi-Color eyewear
    • Ear-bud style Headphones
    • USB Cable Power Supply
    • Stereo Patch Cable
    • MicroSD Card with SD Adapter
    • Soft carry case
    • Kasina DeepVision Ganzframes are added to the shipping box separately

    Note: The Kasina comes with a US and a European power plug (from Mindplace in USA) for the power supply for recharging the unit. You can purchase a travel adaptor from your local hardware store OR you can simply plug the USB cable into any phone charger or computer USB port for around an hour to recharge the unit without any issues, as the voltage and amperage are the same as the power supply.



    Community Created Sessions

    Click here to view and download community created sessions.

    Factory Sessions List

    Session Name Category Time Artist Description
    Before Learning Accelerate 12:00 Roman Frajt Designed for use before class, studies, this starts at 9 Hz and targets 4.5, 7.83, 11.25, and 18 Hz.
    Cheer Up Accelerate 35:00 Craig Tice Starting at an alert 12 Hz, Cheer Up steps up to a vigorous 35 Hz before making its way back to a calm 10 Hz.
    Create Accelerate 25:00 Craig Tice This session moves between 7, 14 and 10 Hz, and is intended to encourage novel thoughts from the subconscious to emerge for conscious consideration.
    Energize Accelerate 20:00 Roman Frajt Stepping up from 15 Hz to 30 Hz, Energize promotes alertness and vigor. Not recommended before sleep.
    Focus Accelerate 30:00 Craig Tice Repeatedly ramps between 12 and 16 Hz, minimizing tendency to be distracted and promoting a flexible working state.
    Gamma + Ambience Accelerate 20:00 Robert Austin Features steady 40 Hz sine flicker stimulation. The slowly changing colors are ideal for either eyes open (DeepVision) or eyes closed use.
    Gamma Rejuvination Accelerate 20:00 Joseph Kao Blends the clarity and focus of 40hz gamma waves with various calming, grounding frequencies in the alpha and low beta range. Makes use of binaural beats, isochronic tones, modulated noise, and off-set frequencies for maximum immersion.
    Wake Accelerate 20:00 Craig Tice 18 Hz throughout, you many not need coffee or tea after this session. Not recommended before sleep.
    Everglade Meditate 20:00 Neuroasis A spring morning with gentle rain… time is suspended in this peaceful, calming session. Mostly low to mid range light frequencies to promote calm clarity.
    Forest and River Meditate 16:00 Roman Frajt Another peaceful backdrop of nature, in another locale. Frequencies start at 14 Hz and end at 4 Hz for deeper relaxation into meditation.
    Meditate Meditate 50:00 Craig Tice Starting at a relaxed 10 Hz, Meditate reaches the target of 2 Hz after 15 minutes. A few minutes at 6 Hz on the way down provides a useful intermediate step on the path to a deeply meditative state.
    Relax Meditate 25:00 Craig Tice From an alert 13 Hz this session steps down to a calm 10 Hz. Left and right sides are stimulated at slightly different frequencies to help the mind let go of nuisance thoughts.
    Relaxation by Fire Meditate 23:00 Roman Frajt Find quiet and solitude in a soundscape including alpha frequencies and the soothing sounds of a campfire.
    Relax More Meditate 40:00 Craig Tice Similar to Relax but longer and with a target of 5 Hz, suited to deeper relaxation or contemplation.
    Relaxation with Windchimes Meditate 15:00 Roman Frajt The peaceful sounds of wind-chimes on a peaceful summer afternoon. This session starts at 12 Hz and leaves you at a deep 2.5 Hz.
    Touch of Silence Meditate 14:36 Roman Frajt Peaceful sounds of Tibetan bowls and minimalist piano sets a calming ambience; lights start at 10 Hz and descend to 6.25 Hz.
    A Starlit Night Mind Art 15:00 Neuroasis This entrancing, ambient soundtrack and complex visual encoding evokes a clear, Moonless Summer’s night, with shooting stars tracing patterns in the sky.
    Astroturf Mind Art 10:00 Neuroasis Slow, shimmering washes of color accent this deeply reflective ambient soundtrack. This track would live equally well in the Meditate category.
    Cascade Mind Art 11:28 Neuroasis Subtle, slowly shifting and sometimes hopping light patterns are inter-woven with nature sounds and underlying evocative audio tapestries.
    Dreamy Sax Mind Art 17:09 Claudius Nagel This session is based on a music piece of soothing synth chords with a bluesy and dreamy saxophone solo. Light patterns are synchronized with the change of the synth chords. The frequencies range between 10 Hz and 3 Hz while the light colors shift between a pastel orange and green.
    EcoSync Mind Art 20:00 Neuroasis Another peaceful audio ecosystem, this time with light patterns synchronized with the sounds of nature.
    Patternity Mind Art 20:00 Neuroasis Rich synthesizer textures combine with lush visual effects to create a dreamy, slightly surreal and entrancing mind-scape.
    Phobos Mind Art 6:00 Neuroasis Your spacecraft has just arrived in orbit around Mars, and the creatures living inside Phobos have started communicating with you using sound and light…
    Sanguine Mind Art 10:00 Neuroasis A mysterious journey into a subterranean realm, lit only by shifting, multi-colored strobe candles… what is that sound coming from the next cavern?
    Space Trace Mind Art 15:00 Neuroasis You are exploring a methane ocean on a distant planet, and marveling at the life-forms you are finding and hearing there…
    Spectra Mind Art 20:00 Neuroasis Gazing into a gently flickering camp-fire, you become lost in fantasy, and pass through a portal into a realm of magic.
    Stagecraft Mind Art 20:00 Neuroasis Gazing out across a land never before seen, you feel yourself lifting off the ground, gently riding the currents, always safe and amazed.
    Trainspot Mind Art 7:02 Neuroasis Variation on a simple EcoSync system. The sound of low rumbling subway train or trip on a space probe lulls you into meditative mindset.
    Weaver Mind Art 12:00 Neuroasis Tribal audio art with a strong influence from ambient masters. SpectraStrobe rhythms paint a potent tapestry.
    Yonder Mind Art 20:00 Neuroasis The depths of consciousness beacon in a floating flotsam of synth washes. Allow the times and troubles to melt far, far away, out yonder.
    Dream Night Voyage 1:00:00 Craig Tice Dream is a sleep session with intermittent bursts of higher frequency stimulation intended to evoke REM activity and dreams.
    Night Shift Night Voyage 45:00 Claudius Nagel This incorporates an evolving nature-soundscape (from day to night) and the light colors change from yellow over green and blue to violet over time. Starting at 12 Hz, this ramps to 3.5 Hz with plateaus at 10 Hz, 7.83 Hz and finally 3.5 Hz.
    Rest Night Voyage 30:00 Craig Tice Very slow and subtle modulations of light and sound, intended to quiet your mind before sleep.
    Sleep Night Voyage 1:00:00 Craig Tice A gradual descent from 10 Hz, pausing at 6 Hz before continuing to very slow modulations. Low key audio modulations over a pleasant pink noise background.
    Soliton Night Voyage 12:03 Neuroasis Lush, slow filter sweeps and modulations prepare you for some interesting dreams.
    Submerge-level I Night Voyage 30:00 Craig Tice This session winds slowly down to 4 Hz, with soothing visual modulations overlaying the sounds of water in motion.
    Biomarkers Rejuvenate 10:00 Neuroasis The frequencies encoded in Biomarkers are designed to help guide you towards slowing your breath and heart rates into desirable coherent ranges – 5 breaths per minute, and 60 bpm heart rate. Red is heart rate, blue is breath; practice breathing with the blue.
    Center Rejuvenate 30:00 Craig Tice Working down from an alert 13 Hz to the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz, Center helps you put aside your immediate concerns and enter a period of quiet contemplation and rejuvenation.
    Clear Your Mind Rejuvenate 16:00 Roman Frajt Frequent hops between slower and higher frequencies, together with the relaxing sounds of Tibetan bowls to help restore your mental energy. Starts at 12.8 Hz and ends at 13.5 Hz.
    Deep Rejuvenation Rejuvenate 24:00 Roman Frajt With a starting frequency of 8.5 Hz and a target of just 1.45 Hz, accompanied by binaural beats and modulations, Deep Rejuvenation can take you to a very peaceful, restorative mind-state.
    Eddies Rejuvenate 12:30 Neuroasis Floating down a meandering stream, visuals are mostly gentle blues and greens.
    Fantasy Rejuvenate 5:30 Roman Frajt This brief session highlights the 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance, with gentle sounds of frame drum and gamelan.
    Overtone Universe Rejuvenate 11:04 Roman Frajt Sounds of peaceful overtone singing accent and augment the flickering light, descending from 12 Hz to 7.83 Hz.
    Alphabet Trance 20:00 Neuroasis This session was designed to gently guide you towards hypnagogia, that magical half-dream, half-awake state sought after by many explorers of deep states of consciousness.
    BowlScape Trance 15:20 Neuroasis Mysterious, deep resonances of large Tibetan singing bowls permeate a night-world of mainly blues and greens.
    Meditation with Shaman Drum Trance 19:55 Roman Frajt Hypnotic sounds of a Shaman’s drum and binaural beats augment both synchronous and left-right stimulation, starting at 22 Hz and taking you all the way down to 2.2 Hz.
    Vapor-Chill Trance 20:00 Craig Tice Is this the sound of a November wind that never stops, or a 20 minute long out-breath? You decide. Lights start at 10 Hz and gradually, gently leave you at 7 Hz.
    Zodiac Trance 20:06 Craig Tice This will take you even deeper than Vapor-Chill, as the slowly shifting drone-structures and beat frequencies lead to towards the edge of sleep.



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    Ieuan M.

    I had my Kasina for only a very short while, as it proved to be faulty - through absolutely no fault of the company from whom I purchased it. In the brief time I used the Kasina I found it to be a wonderful product, which not only enhanced my meditation markedly, but also made it more enjoyable to do. The lights and sound are superbly matched and the device enables you to reach a deep level of relaxation (or trance if you prefer) significantly more quickly than without it. The meditation options are very extensive and cover a wide variety of issues, so you need never become bored by endlessly repeating the same limited programme over and over agin. I am a very experienced meditator, having commenced daily meditation 35 years ago and have tried many different forms. Therefore, I am in an excellent position to assess the quality and effectiveness of the Kasina and cannot speak more highly of the device. I should add that having alerted the seller to the fact that there was a fundamental problem with my unit, they could not have been more co-operative and efficient in arranging an immediate replacement.

    Albert B.

    It motivates me to finally meditate. Its a great product and instantly puts me in an 'isolated' world where I can finally practice meditation after a lifetime of putting it off.

    Cindy M.

    A Fantastic Product. Everyone in our home loves the product. It is very relaxing and definitely serves the purpose we purchased it for! Thank you!

    Brian H.

    If you have thought engaging in meditation then Kasina is your gateway. It simply entraines your mind into these deeper states of awareness. You will quickly see the virtue of deep meditation. Of course a lot of practice will be required to get there without the Kasina, but this tool will quickly show you were you’re going. You will sleep better, clear your mind and be in control of negative emotions which play havoc on your overall behavior. Relaxation will be yours and your potential will be realized much sooner than you think. There is a lot of hype of exaggerated claims. Forget all the claims, the Kasina will deliver concentration, relaxation. Altered states of mind, clear dreams and mental focus. The Kasina is indeed an Amazing piece of equipment.

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